Friday, August 3, 2012

Feature & Follow #18

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Q: Do your reading habits change based on your mood? Do you read a certain genre if you are feeling depressed or happy? 

I am a super moody reader. My reading constantly changes. After I read a sad book I always try to pick up a happy, fluffy, fun book next. Then sometimes I am just in the mood for vampires or a mystery or something specific. I have so many books I want to read but sometimes I go to pick one up and I'm like ehhhh maybe later lol

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  1. I do that to, with so many books to read, I start one and then put it aside until I find the right one to read.

    Delirious About Books

  2. I just read my paranormals! Of course they can effect my mood as well, but then I just move onto the next book in the pile!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  3. I am trying to change that about myself so ARC's get reviewed before the release date.

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  4. Hi, I like your fangs! I'm here from FF. Happy to follow. You can find me at:

  5. I don't read (much) contemporary so not much sad for me. I read to escape so the last thing I want is depressing :)

  6. Hello! I'm the exact opposite! I'm not a moody reader at all!

    New follower! :)

    My FF

  7. Fluffy reads!! Haha, don't we all like one of those every once in a while. I usually tend to read the opposite of my mood as well. Great answer!

    Oldie ^_^

    Vivi's F&F

  8. Hello, stopping by from the hop!

    When I'm happy I read light, funny, romantic books. When I'm not happy I still like to read light, funny and romnatic books-it's a nice distraction!

  9. Cute blog! I hope you have a great Friday! New Follower..
    Ashley @ #BookNerd

  10. Fantastic answer. New follower!


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