Friday, July 27, 2012

Fairy Metal Thunder Read-Along/Scavenger Hunt Week 4

 July 27th ~ Chapters 21-27 hosted by Jen of In the Closet With a Bibliophile

1. Grizelmore the Goblin has some really weird cravings and eating habits. Tell us about some of your weird eating habits. Bonus point if you can show me a picture! 

I get really addicted to sunflower seeds every now and then. They can become a nasty habit when I have cups full of the shells though. I haven't had any in awhile but at one point I was really addicted to them. I really want some now lol

2. In chapter 22 Aiode and her friends try to go and get their instruments replaced at the factory. There are a ton of different instruments there being made for the fairies, but man are they a fortune. Do any of you play any instruments? Have you ever played an instrument? If not, what would you play if you could? 

I played the violin for a couple months in fourth grade. I sucked and it hurt my neck and chin so I dropped it.

3. Jason and the band are finally discovered by the elf (with the crazy long name) and Buttercake the freaking adorable unicorn who turns into something not so adorable. If you were a detective who would you choose for your magical accomplice? 

My Simba!

4. The book ends on a happy but painful note. What do you think of the ending? Were you happy with the turn of events? 

I'm pretty happy with the ending. I definitely need to read the next book. I like that Jason and Erin got together.

5. Tell us your favorite quote(s)/part(s) from the book!

I liked faerie, Buttercup, and of course the romance and adventure.
"You've been dating him since you were a freshman," Jason said. "Nobody else ever gets a chance."
'Right, cause so many guys are lining up at my door."
'I'm trying to," he said.


  1. YES! I loved that quote too. It was so sweet and it melted my heart!

    And dooood, Simba looks like he is ready to attack. You'd totally be protected with him by your side.

  2. Oh I used to love to eat sunflowers when I was in school. Just loved them.

    Simba is SO cute! Love that look too. :)


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