Friday, May 18, 2012

Magic Booth Winners & Free Books!

The Spring Blog Carnival was lots of fun.
There were so many wonderful spells! 
I had such a hard time choosing.
Lots of people want to have a spell to clean, cook, teleport, heal, time travel, talk to animals, read minds, and read fast.
No big shock there! I would love to do any of those things. picked Andra

I picked Isa 

Her spell
My spell would be Dreamer's Wish where I can go into the worlds of books or movies. I'll have the option to interact with characters or just be a phantom and witness the happenings of the world. Also no time passes in reality while I'm in these worlds so I can stay as long as I want and not miss anything out in the real world. In the book/movie worlds, I can time travel or do magic or fly, it'd be the perfect escape without actually compromising my responsibilities in real life. I can eat whatever food I want, save a princess, have a unicorn as a friend, I'd be pretty happy with a spell like that. x)

Why didn't I think of this! I would love to hop into a book.
Although I would probably never return home.

The witch book they both chose was 
Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood.

I haven't read it yet but it sounds good! Enjoy!

Free books!


  1. Thank you so much! I'm excited for the book.

    Btw, you had the correct adress! :)

  2. Really terrific post. I picked up a couple of freebies, Exiled for one, so thanks. - FABR Steph

  3. It's so sweet that you offer up lists of free books for people who didn't win! I feel that way too -- I wish I could send a book to everyone who entered!

  4. Great post! Will get a few of the free ones :)

  5. Congrats to Isa, that was a pretty cool spell! Also, thanks for the great heads up on freebies I picked a few up. I am cleaning up my review list and next year I am going to review some of these freebies. Have a great weekend, Jennifer. Don't forget that Charade is out :)

  6. nice :D I have Exiled already :)


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