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Review: Held by Edeet Ravel

Held by Edeet Ravel

Release Date: January 6, 2011
Publisher: Annick Press
Pages: 245
Genre: YA Kidnapped
Source: Amazon
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What happens when the source of your worst fears becomes the object of your affection?
Seventeen-year-old Chloe's summer vacation in Greece comes to an abrupt end when she is suddenly bound, gagged and whisked away to an unidentified location. Waking up from a drug-induced sleep, she finds herself in a squalid warehouse. Chloe can only imagine the worst. After several days of total isolation and utter despair, Chloe faces a new threat when her kidnapper appears, but she also feels a sense of relief. His revelation that she is being held as ransom for a prisoner exchange, however, does little to allay her fears. The weeks pass and, haunted by terrifying dreams and with only her thoughts to keep her company, Chloe fights to remain calm in an impossible situation. At least her kidnapper, although cold and distant, visits frequently, often bringing gifts. Before long, Chloe begins to have feelings for him that take her by surprise. Though still fearing for her safety, she now fantasizes about a life together. And is it her imagination, or does her captor share those feelings? Even when she is finally released, Chloe vows to protect her captor at any cost.

This book is perfect for fans of Stolen by Lucy Christopher. I loved that book and I'm always looking for similar reads so I was very happy when Giselle @ Xpresso Reads recommended this book to me. I knew I had to give it a try and it was exactly what I was looking for! Seventeen year old Chloe is vacationing in Greece when she is grabbed and taken to a warehouse. She believes the worse, murder, sex slavery, or torture and is surprised when her hostage-taker continues to tell her no harm will come to her. He takes her to a warehouse of decent size and she is given plenty of delicious food, and is even asked to make a list of things she would like to help make her stay comfortable. Chloe's hostage taker continues to visit her daily, bringing her food and she grows comfortable until another man breaks in dunking her and making her sick.

Her hostage-taker, this is what she calls him throughout the book we never learn his name, cares for her while she is sick. He gets her medicine, cleans her, rubs her hands, and takes really good care of her. Chloe begins to develop feelings for him. He is also young, smart, polite, and very good looking. He also explains in depth to Chloe that he is doing this for a prisoner exchange. He was once wrongfully in prison and the guy he is now trying to help saved his life. The hostage-taker knows what he is doing is wrong but felt he had no other choice. They have many discussions involving right and wrong and you begin to see how easy those lines can blur. Chloe begins to want to protect him because she understands him. He even tries to tell Chloe that what she is feeling isn't real and when she is released she will change her mind, but he can't help but feel something for her as well. He tells her not to hug him and not feel for him and that she should remember it is his fault she is there. But he continues to bring her fancy soaps, books, music, DVDs, a stuffed monkey, tennis equipment, flowers, wine, and other things to make her happy. With no one else for companionship you can understand Chloe's need and feelings for him.

Enter Stockholm Syndrome! You can't help but somehow want these two to be together even though you know it's wrong. It makes for such an addicting read because I couldn't wait to see how they would deal with their feelings for each other and what would happen when his demands were met and she was let go. I also loved the format of the book. It was written as a journal entry from Chloe explaining the events of her kidnapping. Between chapters there were newspaper articles, emails, facebook conversations and other things explaining what was happening on the outside during her kidnapping. Her mom was working very hard raising money for legal fees to get re-trials and prisoner releases that were demanded by the hostage-taker. I read the whole book in one day. I liked and disliked the ending. With a book like this you can't really expect a happy ending but things were left open, I guess so you can assume what you want.  

           You are here for the purpose of a prisoner exchange. No harm will come to you. There is food in the refrigerator. I'll visit in a day or two to see that you have what you need. We regret the inconvenience. 

 "Sometimes breaking the law is just the best of several bad options. Sometimes a situation is so desperate that you can't go by the rules."

"Will you read to me?"
"If you like."
"Why are you kind to me?"
"The goal is for my friend to be released, not to make you suffer."
"What if they make one of thos epolice drawings of you?"
"No one will suspect me."
"Such a nice smell coming from outside. Can I step out, just for a few minutes?"
"When you're better," he said.

Rating: 5/5 Stars! 


  1. Ooh, this sounds awesome! I loved Stolen, and I think I'd like this one, too!

    The coolest thing, I think, about kidnapping books is you start getting Stockholm Syndrome right along with the character! But at the same time you have to remember that a "happy ending" for everyone is highly improbable, just like you said :/

    Anyway, great review, I'm definitely going to check this one out!!


    1. I know I had total Stockholm Syndrome! It's hard when the kidnapper is so sweet and charming. I can totally understand how it happens now. It was really interesting and if you loved Stolen you will definitely enjoy this book!

  2. OMG, this is exactly my type of book! I know we talked about this not long ago in a comments-section.. Great review! I'll add it to my wishlist. Though.. why can't those motherf-ckers not have a freaking HEA, damnit. I know it's wrong, but I still want it, damnit! >_<

    1. I know they should just have an HEA! LOL It's not necessarily not an HEA but you know I want an HEA spelled out! I read this other adult kidnapping book that took things a bit more far and the ending wasn't HEA but she was waiting for him to get out of prison lol so maybe HEA! It was an interesting book. These are my guilty pleasure readings cause their so wrong but so good to read for me!

    2. ADULT? :O What's the title of the book??? *makes crazy face cause she wants the book so badly*

    3. Screaming in the Silence by Lydia Kelly
      It's lendable so if you ever want to borrow it just let me know.

  3. oooh me want / me so want
    awesome review
    this is the book 4me

    1. Hope you enjoy it! A great read for any Stolen fan. It was very addicting!

  4. This sounds awesome! I loved, loved, LOVED Stolen so will definitely be adding this one to my TBR list. Great review :)


    1. YAY! Always happy to find more Stolen fans! Such an amazing book!!! I definitely highly recommend this book then! I LOVED it! I believe any Stolen fan will enjoy it :-) Thanks for stopping by!


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