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My Book Boyfriend #2

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This week my book boyfriend will be 

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From The Demon Princess series by Michelle Rowen
Reign or Shine (Demon Princess, #1) Reign Check (Demon Princess, #2) Reign Fall  

Rhys is king of the faery realm. He is described by Nikki as very cute, with cropped chestnut brown hair and dark brown eyes. While in the faery realm he wore tan-colored leather pants and a canvas tunic. When in the human realm he wears designer clothes. He is prophesied to marry Nikki although she continues to fight it because she has feelings for another. He fought it at first because she is half-demon and as a faery who believes demons killed his parents he doesn't want to fall for her. He can be arrogant and drive Nikki crazy but he understands her and he can be charming as well.


 "No. As a matter of fact, the dragon oracle tells me the girl I'm supposed to marry, the one destined to someday become the queen of the faery realm, isn't a faery at all."
"She isn't?" I said. "Then who is she?"
"You," he said." 

 "Well...unfortunately there's a little problem," he said.
He pointed up. "That."
I looked up to see the mistletoe dangling from the ceiling where I'd hung it three hours before.
"Okay, but what does that-?"
Rhys kissed me.
"I really, really, didn't want to like that," he said.
"Rhys-" But before I could say anything else, he kissed me again and pulled me closer. 

 "Bite me, Rhys."


 "You dare speak to me in such an insolent manner?”
“Stop talking like you’re two hundred years old. You’re sixteen, just like me." 

"Good. I wouldn't want you to fall madly in love with me. That would make things very complicated when it comes to your beloved Shadow, wouldn't it? Who'd win the battle for your heart then? The servant or the king?"
I usually use Chace Crawford as my Adrian Ivashkov book boyfriend but he has such a great look he works for so many of my book boyfriends. When I was googling some hot stylish guys he just kept coming up so I went with him for my Rhys.


  1. I've never heard of this series. He sounds yummy though!

  2. Oh I think Chace is perfect and he is a TX boy---so I approve :)

  3. Hahaha! Rhys seems so funny! I love those quotes. I haven't read this series yet, but I'm gonna have to, I have a thing for Faery Kings. Plus, I want to know who wins, the servant or the king. *bites nails*

  4. Jennifer YOU totally got me! Ok well you kind of got me before with this serie, BUT after this.. OMG this is the book I'm gonna start reading right NOW :)
    Woow it is so exciting!! :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by! OMG! Great pick! I love this series and can't wait for Reign Fall! :)

  6. Oh I usually don't like fairies very much. They kind of freak me out. But I could look at Chace Crawford all day long!

    Pretty In Fiction

  7. I haven't read this series byt Rhys sounds cute. I love that bite me quote, lol!

  8. "No. As a matter of fact, the dragon oracle tells me the girl I'm supposed to marry, the one destined to someday become the queen of the faery realm, isn't a faery at all."
    "She isn't?" I said. "Then who is she?""You," he said."

    Aw. See, this is why I heart fictional hotties like Rhys. They're so honest, which makes them all the more cuter in my eyes. Chase may be a go-to BB choice, but he seems to fit Rhys character from your description. Plus, I'm a sucker for faeries. Really cute BB!

    New Follower:)
    Rockee @Rockee♥Musik♥Reads

  9. @The Autumn Review He is super yummy! LOL

    @Felicia Sparks Chace is always a good choice indeed!

    @Missie Rhys is funny! I die laughing at his arrogance and sarcasm. Faery Kings are so hot! I'm biting my nails too because I so want the king to win!

    @nea barabea It is a great series so I hope you enjoy it! I think you will love Rhys!

    @Elisa Thanks!

    @A Simple Love of Reading Reign Fall should be out Jan 2! Can't wait to hear what you think of it!

    @Jesse haha faeries can be freaky but Rhys is so hot it is okay :-) Plus in the human realm he has a glamor so no scary fairy parts lol

    @Belle Rhys is soooo cute. The bite me part killed. He has some fantastic lines.

    @Rockee I love faeries! He is a very honest hottie! That is what makes him endearing and funny.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting Rhys!

  10. You had me at Chace :) I've definitely gotta check this series out! Rhys sounds like a total keeper!!!

  11. @Andra Rhys is such a keeper! But I am always a sucker for the #2 boy and the underdog.


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