Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 10 of 2012 ~ Best Contemporaries Of 2012

I couldn't decide what subject to pick! I was going to do top paranormal books but then I'd be here all day trying to cut them down. I am so terrible at top ten lists. Since I ventured into a lot of new genres this year and finally found contemporary books that I enjoy I decided to do my favorite contemporaries!

~Best Contemporaries Of 2012~

Graffiti Moon

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

My Life Next Door

Such a Rush


The Future of Us
Release Nov 2011 but I just discovered it and loved it! I am such a fan of best friend romances and the idea of seeing your future facebook page was too fun!

My Life in Black and White


The Boys of Summer (Summer Series, #1)
Just finished this yesterday and it must make the list!

White Lines
This one isn't out till April but since I read it this year and was so impressed I had to throw it on here!

Catching Jordan (Hundred Oaks, #1)   Stealing Parker (Hundred Oaks, #2)
After Catching Jordan I knew I had to get my hands on Miranda's 2012 release Stealing Parker.

The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend   Shut Out   A Midsummer's Nightmare
A Midsummer's Nightmare is Kody's 2012 release but I actually read all three of these in three days so I wanted to feature them all.

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  1. Great list, Jen!

    I loved Graffiti Moon, one of the best one there is :) I also enjoyed a lot Kody K's books, they're so much fun :) although still haven't read the last one & I liked The St.Prob... it was sweet :) I definitely need to read the rest on your list!

    Best Debuts of 2012

  2. Great list! I don't read a lot of contemporaries but I'll be checking out some of the books on your list.

    My Top Ten is here if you'd like a look :)

  3. Fantastic list!! I still need to read most of those!! I loved TSPoLaFS!! Come to think of it a friend borrowed that like 6 months ago. I really want to read it again so I should get it back.

  4. Oh what an amazing list :) I loved Easy and TSPoLaFS too :) My Life Next Door i Speechless were also amazing...:)

  5. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and Graffiti Moon are the only ones I've read! Well, The DUFF and Shut Out too. I can't believe I haven't picked up A Midsummer's Nightmare yet! But I am reading my Life Next Door right now. I could not let the year go by without reading it! :)

    My Blogger's Choice Top 10

  6. I don't read too many comtemps, but I loved The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight :) (Which is the only one I read on the list) lol

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  7. Great list! I ended up kind of falling out of contemps lately, but there's definitely a few I'd like to read on the list.

    Here's my Top Ten (couples) at Bookmunchies today (:

  8. Graffiti Moon was so good! I also liked My Life Next Door, Easy, Catching Jordan and A Midsummer's Nightmare. I have heard great things about The DUFF, I think I might have the Kindle book.The Boys of Summer sounds like my kind of book :)

  9. excellent list! I loved My Life Next Door, Graffiti Moon and Easy so much!! I have The Boys of Summer waiting in the wings for my next read!

    I have messed up the order of my top ten posts so today on my blog you'll see my top 10 book boyfriends LOL *whoops*

    check it out Fic Fare Top 10

  10. Yay for contemporary books! I Loved Easy and Graffiti Moon also! I wanted to put The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight on my list also, but I read it last year, it was one of my favorites.

    It's great that you read so many contemporaries this year! I really need to start venturing more on the Paranormal side, I'll set it as a goal for 2012. I'll definetly need you to recommend me some :)

  11. Easy!!!!!!!!! I love that book so much and My Life Next Door is great too. Love this list.

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  12. I actually just discovered contemporary books I liked this year as well! I really enjoyed Easy and have been trying to get my hands on Such A Rush and The Duff, hopefully I enjoy them as much as you did!

    Top 10 Heroines of 2012

  13. LOVED The statistical probability of Love at first sight!! <3 <3 <3 And Speechless! OMG loved this one like crazy <3 <3 Awesome list Jennifer! ;)

  14. Great list! I need to read more Contemporaries as it is, so having a list with "approved by Jennifer" titles comes in way handy! :)

    Happy Holidays,


  15. The Boys of Summer was one of my top books for the year as well!I also loved Easy, My Live Next Door and Such a Rush. I have bumped The Statistical Probability to the top of my reading list because I have seen it on so many top ten lists!!!!

  16. I loved My Life Next Door and Easy! I really need to read The Statistical Probability and Such a Rush soon. They sound amazing plus the covers are fantastic!

  17. I'm still dying to read Graffiti Moon! Great list Jennifer!

  18. The Future of Us was really good! It was actually one of the few contemporaries that I actually read this year. Great list!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  19. LOL if I read contemps I'd have more to say but it's not my genre. But maybe someday....


  20. I'm so happy to see Graffiti Moon in your top 10! As well as Speechless and Boys of Summer (finished it yesterday!)

  21. Speechless was amazing! I also loved Graffitti Moon and Miranda's books. Lots of good books listed but quite a few I haven't read yet.


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