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Charade Read~Along Week 4

Chapters 21-24~Hosted By Veronica @ Mostly Reviews

Did you have a favorite part in this book?

Romance!!! What can I say?! I love the smoochies!!!

kissing couple with heart

The characters travel to hell in hopes to get the scroll back. I would say hell is the worst place they have ever been. Where is the WORST place you have ever been?

Oh gosh I'm not sure where the WORST place is. I've been to plenty of bad places lol but I don't think it is always where you are but how horrible the circumstances are so I'll tell one funny story cause I'm full of them! LOL My friends and I would drive to San Francisco to go clubbing and parking is murder there. We usually try to find free street parking but since we were running late we went ahead and paid to park in a parking garage. Well in a city that never sleeps we didn't even think to look at what time the parking garage closes?! Well turns out it closed at 1:30am but the club didn't close until 2:30am. So we walk up and are locked out and can't get to our car. Since we were broke college kids we didn't have money for a hotel until it opened and if we called anyone to pick us up by the time they got to us and drove us home, we would of had to just turn around to go back to get my car so we spent the entire night in Denny's. Also it was skirt night and winter so we were freezing. There happened to be a sign on the table with a cup of coffee that said "Stay A While" So we put that on the table and said we are staying awhile as in like 8 hours until the parking garage opened! OMG It was so miserable! I actually have lots of stories similar to this. Sometimes I wonder why I went out because I would always get stuck somewhere freezing! But it was an adventure and it is fun to look back on now.

Heven steps in front of a chain to protect Sam and is injured. She will be scarred again. Do you think she will act the same way as before or do you think that she is a different person now?

I don't think Heven will be like Before. I think she has found her strength and will be a new better After. Although I think she should have just let Gemma heal her but okay.

muscle penguin

We now know why Logan was acting so odd. How do you think he will be now that the demon is gone?

This is why I was mad at Heven when she kept the mean things he said to herself. Logan was clearly off his rocker and if she had something they could have looked into it sooner. I have no clue how he will be now. That demon was corrupting him so much I'm sure he will be completely different and hopefully a whole heck of a lot nicer!

demon 06

Any predictions for the next book in the series, Tirade?

Heven is going to Hell and going to get Sam back. I am glad I don't have to wait long for Tirade because that was a cruel ending! Leaving Sam there like that. :-(  I am thinking maybe she will save Kimber too while she is at it. It was nice that Kimber threw them the marble. I'm interested in who Riley is and how he will fit into the story!


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  1. Your night at Denny's sounds awful! At least you had somewhere to go though so I guess it could have been worse!

    Fun answers this week and I agree that Heven is getting stronger each book and I love watching her character grow!

    1. Yeah good ole open 24 hours Denny's! It was the only thing we could think of! At least it was somewhere to go that was somewhat warm and safe! LOL But we were near tears so cold and tired sitting there for hours and hours. I love Heven's growth too!

  2. I loved your story of how you ended up spending 8 hours waiting for a parking lot to open. It reminded me of some of my own nights :)

    1. I have had some crazy night! But all in good times! I also had my car towed while I was inside a club one time. I came out and literally saw it being driven away! A friend came and got me and took me home. I was planning to sneak out and get the car the next day but of course my mother noticed it was gone and freaked out.

  3. LMAO!! Oh that Denny's story is great. That would suck, especially since it was so cold. But it gives everyone a good laugh now when you tell it. :D

    Yeah, I kind of wish she would've let Gemma heal her too. I mean, I *get* it, but still...

    Can't wait to see what happens next.

    1. We were all huddled in the booth freezing. People kept coming in and out of the restaurant which made it even colder. We were seriously about to cry but now we can finally look back and laugh at it! LOL
      Yeah I get Gemma wanted to be strong for Sam and not worry about her face and wear the scar as a badge of honor or whatever but when Gemma could have just healed it right then might as well. I mean why ruin her pretty face?! She will still be strong and remember to fight for Sam.

  4. OMG Trapped in a Denny's?! LOL. that would be miserable!!! In my hometown people would end up there cause they were the only place open and it was a dirty place that had roaches on the floor.... lol.
    anywhoo, love your predictions! and your pictures. I love the smootchies too. lol.
    You have been a great host on this read along! thank you so much for joining in every week! you are awesome.

  5. Hehe, reading your story about being out at night, wearing summer clothes in winter made me nod my head because I have been there!! You poor thing :D

  6. Ha ha that reminds me of my own miserable Denny's experience, Our power blew out in a storm on Christmas Eve and was out all of Christmas Day, After awhile the house was freezing so we headed out and the only place open was Denny's. The wait was long and the food horrible. Yuck! I know the ending was cruel I am anxious to get to Tirade and Riley!

  7. Hey, Jennifer!

    Absolutely I LOVED all the romantic parts!!! Lucky Heven, to have those sweet golden eyes to look into as she smooched Sam!!!

    Oh, that story about spending all night in a Denny's Restaurant is SO FREAKING funny!!! I can just picture all of you (how many were there?) huddled around a table, trying to keep warm....Good thing you weren't alone, Jen! And yes, it IS a great story to look back on! Lol.

    I totally agree with you that Heven won't react the same way she did when China scarred her. She has indeed found her strength and confidence. You GO, Heven!!! YAY!!

    Heven was definitely between a rock and a hard place where Logan was concerned, I can understand that she didn't want to be caught in the middle, and this knows what a kind-hearted person she is. But I'm SO happy that Logan has been 'exorcised'!! Now he can be himself, and he is really IS a nice kid! It's obvious that he worships Sam! Hey, that's a scary demon pic you put in there! Nice touch!

    Of course Heven will get Sam out of hell!! I can't wait to read about how she does that!! What a surprise that Kimber threw them the marble. Guess she's feeling guilty, right? I'm very excited about this new Riley character. I'm sure he'll give Sam a run for his money!!

    Loved reading your answers!! : )

    1. TYPO ALERT!! I really meant to type "...and this shows what a kind-hearted person she is." Guess I gotta hit the sack already! Lol.

    2. P.S. It's 11:30 PM here in Miami, Florida, and I have to get up to go to work tomorrow. Ciao!! : )


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