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Charade Read~Along Week 2

Chapters 7-13~Hosted By Christy @ Love Of Books

Heven’s mom has a new boyfriend that Heven doesn’t really like. Have you ever disliked a boyfriend/girlfriend of family member’s significant other? Did you tell them or just try to get along?

Henry seems way creepy! I am sure he is evil. I think he is messing with Heven's mom and grandma and their auras. Heven's mom is way too happy all of a sudden. Like Henry put her under a spell. I really haven't had to deal with any family members dating. Sometimes with friends I may not like the guy and sometimes they don't like my guy but I always just try my best to give them a chance and start a friendship with them. Sometimes we don't always see everything and I like to try to see the good in them that my friend sees in them.

 black fish in love

Kimber is acting weird… weirder than usual. Any predictions? Have you ever known anyone like Kimber?

Kimber is hiding something with that box. I'm wondering if it is one of those boxes that can make shifters not shift?! Just theorizing... I think she is really mad at Cole and Heven. Cole should just tell her the truth about his dad. Kimber is a bitch but they did date for a really long time so I think it is fair to go ahead and tell her that part. At least so she can move on and stop thinking that Cole is after Heven and start realizing that Cole just doesn't want to be with her. I am lucky enough to not know anyone exactly like Kimber but I have known girls that are really driven to be the center of attention at any cost. It is normal to be jealous every now and then and to want to be loved but there is a point where you are going way too far to get it in all the wrong ways. I also saw the cover for the novella so I am guessing Kimber really gets evil soon!

witch basic

Heven is getting a new “supernatural” power. If you could have one which would you choose?

I definitely wouldn't want my power to cause me pain! I am so greedy and want so many powers! I want to fly, have super strength, influence, read minds, invisibility, look into the future, time travel, immortality, telekinesis, stop time, teleport, and something where I can eat what I want and always look fabulous. Can beauty also be a super power?! LOL

In this set of chapters we find out something about Cole. Were you surprised?

That Cole is Heven's brother?!!!!!!! Yes I was surprised and rather grossed out and disturbed!!!! LOL I liked Heven and Cole romantically and they even kissed!!!! Even when she hugs him I still kind of think they would make a good couple. Ewww But at least they will remain friends and it seems like he is joining the Scooby team so he can help out.


Heven has someone invading her dreams. What is the scariest or wackiest dream you have ever had?

I have sooo many crazy dreams! I remember a lot of them too. I often read before bed so I dream of books! I dreamed I was flying on a broom playing Quidditch with my co-workers and I dreamed I went to outer space and was scared for my cat and that I would have to have babies with aliens. I also dream of my fears a lot. I have had many dreams where I am pregnant, giving birth, or have a child. It scares the bejesus out of me. LOL I also always dream of losing my teeth. Either someone knocks them out, or I fall and they come out, or one is just loose and then I can't keep them from falling out. It is so freaky! My psychology professor said it means I am worried about someone talking about me but I just don't believe I am THAT worried about that. I really think I just fear losing my teeth. My grandma wears dentures and it has traumatized me for life. I also had my car stolen so I used to dream it was stolen again or I have had many dreams where I come home and everything is missing from the house. I especially had these dreams when I first bought my big screen TV I would dream that I walked in the door and it was gone off the stand. I also dreamed I drove off a cliff and died. I have had many dreams where people are after me and those get really scary. I usually yell at myself to wake up and it works. Here is where my seriously ridiculous good memory comes in. My scariest dream ever was when I was six. I was at my great grandmas house sleeping and I woke up sweating and scared to death. I remember not being able to sleep there ever again for the rest of the trip. I dreamed that a murderer had all my family tied up to poles and was killing them slowly as the bottom half of their bodies were gone. I was watching and there was nothing I could do and they were crying and calling out for me. 21 years later and I still remember it perfectly. *shudders*

  grinning teeth

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  1. I adore this series and am so excited about Tirade being out soon.

    I am sure this was a fun read-a-long!
    Great answers!!

    1. Read-Alongs are a lot of fun! Very much enjoying the series and looking forward to Tirade next!

  2. Holy cow you have some dreams woman!!! LOL!!! Flying on a broom? Murders and half your bodies missing... me thinks you should be a writer. ha ha ha ha.
    I love your answers!!! They made me laugh. The scooby team?! I guess they are kind of like that aren't they? And I can't help but laugh out loud seeing you all say how grossed out you are about Cole and Heven kissing... he he hee h!!!!
    Definitely read Bewtiched next! If you want a review copy let me know! thanks!

    1. Yes I have crazy dreams! I usually entertain my friends with telling them all about them. A good memory runs in the family I think because my brother also remembers everything from his childhood like I do. We torture my mother with every bad parenting memory we have. She doesn't remember half the stuff we say and claims we made it up and I said I don't think we would both make up the exact same thing! LOL I have loads of ideas and have always wanted to try writing but my grammar is rather awful. lol As much as I love reading and writing I have always struggled with English although my co-worker was an English major and said she would help edit so maybe someday as a bucket list fun project. I feel like Heven, Sam, Cole, and Gemma are very much a Scooby team! Cole and Heven majorly grossed me out!!! But I love Cole so I am glad he will be sticking around and won't get his heart broken in a love triangle. I think you sent me Bewitched already but I will double check. Thanks! I was saving it until after I finished Charade. Wanted to read-along with everyone but I am looking forward to learning more about Kimber!

  3. Whoa those are some crazy dreams, that one about your family getting murdered is so scary and to dream or at six! Driving off a cliff is not cool either, oh and I have had plenty of dreams about getting my teeth knocked out of having them fall out. Greedy for super powers....I can't blame you, I want a few myself! I am glad you are open minded and always to give your friends' boyfriends the benefit of the doubt!

    1. I have really crazy dreams but sometimes I wonder if more people have just as crazy dreams but they maybe just don't remember. lol Trying to make myself feel better. My teacher said losing teeth is a popular dream but I have it A LOT! I want so many super powers!

  4. That's funny, your dreams reminded me of how when we first got our pet tarantula how I had dreams for like a year that she got squashed somehow. It upset me so much. But we've had her safe and sound now for like 10 years. lol

    Oh snap, I forgot all about the novella. Hmm.. now I'm REALLY curious.

    Yeah, it's mostly with friends that we have issues with significant others. I have 4 close friends and we've been close since jr. high and high school, so there have been LOTS of guys that we've all had to deal with.

    1. I had pet mice and I had a dream they all got glued together in a big ball and I couldn't get them apart. I was so upset! A pet tarantula whoa that is brave! You hold that thing?!

  5. Hi, Jennifer!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my answers! Yours are so interesting!

    I agree -- Henry IS creepy! He just seems TOO good to be true. Maybe you're right, and he DOES have Heven's mom under some sort of spell. I can't wait to find out!

    You know how I feel about Kimber. She's bad BFF news!! She's never really been a friend to Heven. She's always used her, instead. It would come as no surprise to me to find out that she's become totally evil.

    I was just as surprised as you were! And yes, a little grossed out, too! But I'm so glad the love triangle thing was resolved. I'm really sick and tired of encountering love triangles in YA fiction!! The part about Cole 'joining the Scooby team' was too funny! I also like that cute little cartoon you included!

    Your dreams are WILD!! Wow. Just blew me away!! You DO have a fertile imagination! My favorite is the one in which you were playing Quidditch with your co-workers. What a BLAST that would be!! (Although I do have a 'Kimber co-worker' I wouldn't like to play ANYTHING with...)

    Thanks for the FAB answers!! Really enjoyed them!! : )

    1. I am dying to know what is up with Henry! Kimber had been bad news since the beginning. Worst friend ever. I HATE love triangles! It was gross but I am happy Cole will be sticking around and it won't be a love triangle. My Quidditch dream was one of my favorites! I really felt like I was flying. It was awesome!

  6. I have the dream where you lose your teeth all the time and I also believe it's just my fear of actually losing my teeth. I also think that Cole should have told Kimber what was going on from the beginning, cause she is getting a bit (or a lot) crazy about it.

    1. My teacher said it was a really popular dream but that there are hidden meanings to it like you think people are gossiping behind your back. Not sure how that is but I really don't think I've been worried about that all my life when I have the dream all the time! Cole should just tell her already so she can calm down and get over it.


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