Monday, June 11, 2012

TT #20

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Just finished The Duff all in one night and loved it. 
So I just ordered her other two books. 
I hope I like them just as much.

The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend
"I mean, there is a reason its initials are VD. I bet you more people contract syphilis on Valentine's Day than on any other day of the year. What a cause for celebration."

"Maybe if you could put him on mute… and cut off his hands… maybe—just maybe—he’d be tolerable then."

"What did one do after having a one-night stand (or, in my case, one-afternoon stand) with the school's biggest man-whore?"

"Your sense of humor needs some work, then," Wesley suggested. "Most girls find my jokes charming."
"Those girls must have IQs low enough to trip over."

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  1. The link didn't work ~ Mine's

  2. Sounds like this book is really funny! Loved your post.
    My teaser today is from The Lie.

  3. I'm curious what this book is about if u finished it in ONE NIGHT. wow

  4. This sounds Hilarious! I'll be adding this to my TBR, sounds like my kind of humour :)
    Another great pick!
    Here's My TT!
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Haha, very nice choice for a teaser! Sounds like something I would enjoy, so on tbr it goes. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stepping by my TT

  6. I loved the one about IQ. A good collection.

    Here's My Teaser

  7. Oh awesome teaser. I've never had much interest in this book, not a big fan of contemporary, but this teaser has me rethinking.

  8. I see why you had a hard time picking just one teaser from this--all good ones!

    Here's ours:

  9. Nice tease! Seeing this around a lot it seems!

    Here's my Teaser

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  10. Haha! Thanks for the awesome teasers. I'm so going to have to read this book now.

  11. hahaha GREAT quotes!! And I've heard so many awesome things about this book! I should read it soon ;) :)

  12. Great teasers! I especially loved the last one. Have a great Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by.


  13. Hmm... she sounds... punchy. Nice teasers.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  14. Great teasers! I may have to check this book out. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Here's my Teaser!

    Wendy @ Escape Into Fiction

  15. I absolutely loved this book. Seriously loved it and your teasers make me want to read it for the millionth time. Thanks for sharing hope you love it! Here's my Teaser

  16. thanks! for sharing this teaser.

  17. Awesome teaser!! I'm really looking forward to reading her books, they look like so much fun!!!

  18. wooo what a tease, IQ low enough to trip on. I like that character :)
    Will have to check these books out!

    My 1st TT is on my blog:

    Hope you will have time to visit...

  19. I loved The Duff too. I have not read any of her other books, so I am looking forward to what you think of them.

  20. I LOVED A Midsummer's Nightmare and I really want to read The Duff!

  21. haha this sounds hilarious! I love it! Great teasers!

    My TT

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  22. Saucy teasers! I've heard her books are great.

    Thank for stopping by
    :) Aeicha @ Word Spelunking

  23. Love the teasers! They were very funny. Glad you enjoyed it.

    My Teaser

  24. LOL! OMG! Those teasers are soo awesome and sooo funny! I've been meaning to get my hands on a copy of this one! I absolutely love it already! Thank you for sharing and for stopping by!

    Jessirae @ Words, Pages, and Books

  25. ALL IN ONE NIGHT! Dang that must be a good book!Hehe and those are totally amazing!! I have had this on my list for the longest time!!! Great tease!!
    Tara's Tease
    And please, check out my AWESOME 500 Tots Giveaway!!!

  26. Haha! This one sounds hilarious. Great teases :)

    thanks for stopping by my TT earlier today :)

  27. The Duff looks really good I can't wait to read it! Thanks for stopping by my TT yesterday =)

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  28. Haha, I loved those teasers! Yep, I'll go order this one ;)

  29. I'd like to read this one. Nice teasers! Sorry I'm so late on all my replies. So busy the last few days.


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