Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Q: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

Yes, all the time. I'm most interested in books that have a large amount of both 1 star and 5 star reviews. I'm always dying to know if I will like it and my curiosity drives me to read it. It also just depends what is mentioned in the bad review. Some things people point out they didn't like are things I enjoy or don't mind, like a large amount of sex and swearing, or alternating POVs, which I love. A well written bad review can allow me to know a lot about if I will like a book. I always try to read a couple reviews from all ratings.

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  1. I'm with you all the way -- sometimes the things mentioned in bad reviews are things I enjoy, and I definitely read TONS of reviews before deciding to purchase.

    Sometimes I end up agreeing with the bad reviews, and other times I find new favorites and can't fathom that others didn't like them :)

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  2. cool, it's nice to have someone change things up with a YES on buying books with bad reviews. New Follower GFC and NB love the background!

  3. I don't like reading reviews before I read the book itself. I get swayed if I do :( But I like what you said, Jen!

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  4. Thanks for stopping by! And that's good you are too judgy and like to form your own opinion first!

  5. Hi there :) just hopping through. Reviews help and sometimes they hinder. I try to make my own mind up.

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  6. EXACTLY! Reviews are meant to be informative, not law! You are made of awesome. I'm glad you brightened my blog with your FF comment and follow.

    I shall do the same now!

  7. LOVE your response on my blog about Fifty Shades of Grey! Made my morning to read that, lol! We must be alike, because when I see those off-the-charts- awful reviews coming in, I can't stay away!

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  8. That's cool! Although I am more of a person who would read a book regardless of reviews as long as I think it appeals to me. A review won't necessarily stop or aid me. I do read reviews though and there have been times they influenced me away from books.

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  10. I like your thoughts on reviews! I never really thought of them that way. I'll have to try reading reviews from both ends of the spectrum. I'm a new follower- love your blog! Please check mine out too! :)

  11. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I totally agree with you, mixed reviews are good :)
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  12. Great answer! I'm a new follower :)

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  14. New follower hopping through! Great post! I followed you through GCF, Networked Blogs and Linky Tools - you can return the favour over at :) Happy Friday!

  15. Totally agree with your answers! Thank you for stopping by my FF, Jennifer!

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  16. I completely agree! It depends "what" exactly the bad reviews are saying. I think there's different levels and sometimes a bad review is really just reflecting someone's preference.

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  17. I agree with you, as well. I like giving books a chance and then deciding for myself whether I'll like them or not, instead of just taking someone else's word for it. Fantastic answer! :)

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  18. I know! sometimes the bad review makes you want to read it! that was my case with Various Positions! also with Forbidden [Suzuma], Banned books are sometimes the best and those are usually really criticized :3

  19. Did Beautiful Disaster belong to that group of books? Personally, I read it because of the many negative ratings and reviews, and because I knew even though my inner abused self would roar, I'd also probably like the book very much. *g*

    Patricia // My FF

  20. New follower from Feature & Follow, pleased to meet you! It's my first week signed up, I'd love it if you came by to visit :) Link to my FF post.

  21. Already a follower. I wouldn't buy a book just because it had bad reviews, I just don't see the point of doing that. I have read books that have gotten bad reviews and have loved them!! I wouldn't let bad reviews keep me from reading a book I was interested in.
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