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TT #2

Out in January!
I just finished the eARC of this yesterday. I loved it! I only shared the quotes the author already shared on facebook as to not spoil anything. The facebook page is HERE

“Morning,” I said.
He leaned forward and rested his head on his hand. “Really?”
“That sounded almost like friendliness, Princess.”
I forced a smile. “Please don’t call me that here.”
He shrugged. “Sorry, I forgot.”
“No you didn’t. You just use my title to annoy me.”
He rolled his eyes. “You know me so well. I exist to annoy you.”

“You dare speak to me in such an insolent manner?”
“Stop talking like you’re two hundred years old. You’re sixteen, just like me.”

"I don't think it can hurt. Wizards and witches go hand in hand, after all. Didn't you read Harry Potter?" Eden stared at him. "Well, yeah." "I didn't read the books," he continued. "But I did get to see the movies. A previous host was a fan. He even wore dress robes and pretended he'd been sorted into a house. Hufflepuff, if you can believe it. Who liked Hufflepuff best? I mean, seriously."

"You. You're the dark object her angelic half is attempting to cast out. You're the reason her magic is unreliable. Her black magic was caused by a spell, but it is a part of her, therefore organic to her core being. You, however are not."


My giveaway of this book is still going on HERE

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  1. Reign Fall sure does look good! Great teasers! :)

  2. Thanks for this teaser! You've just introduced me to a new series that sounds awesome, so I've put the first book on my TBR list.

    Wendy @ Escape Into Fiction

  3. love the teaser, thanks for stopping by my blog. new follower x

  4. I love that teaser and thanks for visiting mine.

  5. Lol! Sounds good, fab choice of teaser. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  6. Almost sounds like Han and Leia with the annoying use of royal titles!

  7. The first one sounds so cute!!!

    Thanks for stopping by mine. :)

  8. I haven't heard of this one, but now I'm curious...thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Hufflepuff? Seriously? LOL
    Loved the teasers! These are new titles to me. ;) thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Excellent teasers thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for stopping by mine too.

  11. I love Michelle Rowen's books - she's hilarious! Great teasers :)

    Thanks for stopping by Project to be Read :)

  12. Great teasers! Both books look like good reads. My teaser is from LEGACY by Cayla Kluver.

  13. Great teasers! Anything that references HP is worth checking out!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Radiant Shadows

  14. Those princesses get so uppity. :)

    Great teaser.

  15. These are great teasers. Thanks for sharing. Here's Mine

  16. Michelle Rowen cracks me up with her books!! This is a great teaser :)

  17. Who liked Hufflepuff best? Good question. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  18. Oh, Reign Fall looks really good! It's going on my TBR list.

    Thanks for stropping by to check out my TT. So glad I found your reviews, I love paranormal stories, so I am now a follower. :)

  19. Some good teasers, Jennifer. Thanks for visiting!

  20. These are funny and the books sounds like a lot of fun!
    My Teaser Tuesday

  21. Both teasers are excellent and tempted me. Thanks for visiting my teaser.

  22. I soooo have to read the whole Demon Princess series! I've actually never heard of Living in Eden series, guess I need to check it out, too! :)

    Monaliz @ Mind Reading?

  23. Oh, seems like great books ;) Enjoy :D
    Thank you for commenting on my teaser. <3 And yeah, you really should try to read it again :) Because oh, it is so so amazing.
    Love, Carina

  24. Both of those sounds like they would be awesome reads! I hope you enjoy them both. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my teaser

  25. Really great teaser, thanks for stopping by. I love bf stealing books lol.

  26. Ooh...both sound so great. I loved the first one, and so I figured I wouldn't like the second one as much...nope both rocked. Both are going on my to-read list.

    Here's mine:

  27. Interesting choices. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  28. Awesome teases! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  29. Cool teaser.... thanks for visiting mine.

  30. I like your first teaser! Snarky and funny! Sounds like an enjoyable read =) Thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog today =)

    New follower,
    April (Books4Juliet)

  31. I love the tone. Great teaser!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  32. Great teaser! Thanks for stopping by my TT post!

  33. Reign Fall sounds sooo good. I'm gonna go sniff out the first one. I can't believe I haven't seen it around sooner!

  34. Reign Fall? I've read the first 2, Reign or Shine, and Reign Check, and I knew there was going to be a 3rd one, but yeah that it's coming out soonish that eARCs are out!!!! Great teaseres!!!

  35. Great teasers! I havent heard of this series, but it definitely sounds good.
    Thanks for sharing & for stopping by my blog!

  36. Wow...I haven't heard of this one before but it sounds great!

  37. WOW great teasers! This is definitely one to add to my reading pile. Sounds like a great read.

  38. Both of those sound good! Thanks for the great teasers!

  39. Haha, I like how Harry Potter's been incorporated into that other quote! Always enjoy it when authors do stuff like that...

  40. Good teasers! This author is new to me. Thanks for visiting my teaser :)

  41. Great teasers! Thanks for sharing!!

  42. Great teaser! I love the cover art too. The t-shirt on it is awesome.

  43. LOL, I like the HP one! Hufflepuff is usually not the popular choice, no ;) But a good one! Great choice. Thanks for stopping by!

  44. I've seen Reign Fall, that's a good teaser!The book looks good, I should probably break down and put it on my wish list already :D

    ANd LOL about Hufflepuff and wearing the robes, haha I think most people want Gryfindor, but definitely NOT Hufflepuff :D

    Thanks for hopping by my blog:D
    April @ My SHelf Confessions

  45. I enjoyed the first teaser! Thanks for stopping by.

  46. @palmtreesbarefeet It is a great series! I'm just sad there is only one book left. Thanks!

    @Wendy Lohr I think you will enjoy it. They are really fun and cute reads. Let me know how they go!

    @xxsatin sue xx Thanks for stopping back by. Glad you loved it.

    @Jessica ( frellathon ) Thanks for visiting. Glad you love it.

    @TToria The books have a lot of funny parts! :-)

    @smellincoffee Yea in the book the princess hates her title. But the other characters find them necessary.

    @Amanda The quotes are from my favorite character, Rhys, the faerie king. He is really funny.

    @Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow Thanks for visiting. Glad your curious and hope you check it out.

    @Kah Cherub I know that cracked me up. Hufflepuff!

    @Claire Thanks and glad you stopped by!

    @Krazzyme(Young Readers) It is a great series with some great quotes!

    @Claire I LOVE Michelle Rowen too! Fabulous books!

    @Jenna(JL @ An Avid Reader's Musings) They are great reads and I made sure I stopped by!

    @Kelly I love HP references! They are always enjoyable

    @Alice Audrey She tries not to be uppity that is why she doesn't want to be called princess. But the boy who calls her that is king so he like to remind her of her title.

    @Paulita Thanks! I was sure to stop by!

    @Jac Michelle Rowen cracks me up too! Great books!

    @Mirka haha very good question. I see some allure in the other 3 houses but Hufflepuff does seem lame although I love the name!

    @Rachel Pudelek YAY! Hope you enjoy it! Such a fun series. Thanks for following!! I love paranormal :-)

    @Heather Thanks for stopping by!

    @Janiera Very funny and fun! I stopped by!

    @Shelley Munro Glad to tempt you! Hope you bite!

    @Monaliz Do check them both out! Great reads! Thanks for visiting.

    @Carina Olsen I will try to read it again some day. These are great books so if you have time they are worth a try too!

    @Unabridged Bookshelf Thanks! I am loving them!

    @Boriquaz haha BF stealing books can be fun but if they take it too far I get all upset for the characters!

    @Danica Page Glad they both rocked! Hope you enjoy them. I made sure to stop by.

    @Jessica@a Great read Thanks for visiting!

    @tfwalsh Thanks for checking out mine too!

    @Books4Juliet Rhys is definitely snarky and funny. I love him! He is who is speaking in those quotes along with Half-Demon Princess Nikki! Thanks for visiting.

    @FABR Steph They have a very funny and enjoyable tone.

    @Yvonne Thanks for stopping by.

    @Marcie Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for visiting.

    @wornpagesanddustyshelves wow quite a name but I love it. The first one is Reign or Shine and I hope you enjoy it!

    @Louisa Reign Fall should be out beginning of January so not much more waiting! It was a great read so you must get it when it comes out. Thanks for visiting.

    @Andrea @ The Bookish Babes Thanks for visiting me too. Glad you liked my teasers.

    @Melissa Sadly not enough people have so I want to share it with you all so you can have the great reading experience I have had!

    @Jennifer Definitely add it and enjoy! Let me know how it goes.

    @Shannon Lawrence Thanks for visiting!

    @Rachel Morgan I love when a book mentions Harry Potter or something else I enjoy!

    @Jenny Q A great author with a lot more wonderful books coming out so I'm glad to introduce you to her. Thanks for visiting.

    @Kelsey Thanks for visiting

    @Cherie Reich It is a cute cover. The first two books are really cute too!

    @Tristan Thanks! And I am glad you made time to stop by

    @Rebecca Hufflepuff is a random house to have as your favorite! Thanks for visiting me too!

    @Fireflywishes Yup add it! It is a fun read! Yeah I hear Slytherin sometimes and even Ravenclaw but usually not Hufflepuff fans!

    @Beth Glad you enjoyed it. It was from my favorite character, Rhys! A snarky yet charming faerie king!


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