Thursday, December 15, 2011

Follow My Book Blog Friday #3

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Question of the Week: 
When you've read a book, what do you do with it? 
(Keep it, give it away, donate it, sell it, swap it..?)

I read most of my books from the library so they get returned. I buy a good amount of kindle books so I can't give those away. I usually only buy actual copies of books from my favorite authors or from a series I know I enjoy so I keep them. But I do also buy books from used books stores and receive books from friends and I usually try to pass those along or donate them back to Friends of the Library. It is a great little used book store I have in my town and the proceeds go back into the library.

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  1. It's a great idea. I confess I don't often go to the library.

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  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by blog. I'm following you back.

  3. I try to get books from the library but more often than not they don't have the books I want. Space is getting so limited for my books so I too buy for my Kindle.

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  4. Hey, thanks so much for stopping by. Following you back now.

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    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  5. I was borrowing a lot from the library, but I moved, and now I'm SAD, because I don't have access to it... however, that's a pretty lame excuse: my BFF lives next door (I mean, literally, the block right next to mine), and works at a library where she can borrow books for up to 6 months :S

    I've also been buying a stack of kindle books, but I've been haunting this book disposal place, where you can get amazing books (I'm talking, like, Vampire Academy, Melissa Marr, Beth Revis, etc etc) from as little as $3, so I've been buying STACKS of books, where as I used to be like you, and only buy books I know I'll love. ANYWAY! My point is--you're clever, and I'm terribly impressed with your self control XD

  6. wow thats really great that you do that for you library! I wish mine had something like that...but yeah, sometimes I donate to the Lib, but mostly I like to give them away :)

  7. With all the books I buy we still go to the library every week :)
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  8. I would do that but my library could be a museum! I normally just keep them:)

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  9. I don't buy many physical books either...but I do get them as gifts. I really need more space. ;)

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  10. I hoard all my books of course I'm rapidly running out of room, here's mine

  11. I get all of these kindle/ebooks, get them from different sources, etc. & STILL go to the library! I LOVE the library to be honest.
    Our's was suffering financially & they began firing long time librarians, closing earlier, cut backs on buying new materials, etc.etc.
    It was sad & ppl were protesting it. After all in my city we NEED the library for kids. It's a positive, free,safe, place they can go to. Plus they have Guitar Hero hour, story times, movie showings,crafts, etc.etc.
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    Have a gr8 day!
    B00ks&Bey0nd Follow Friday

  12. I'm a fan of the library, both physical books and their digital selection. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I'm your newest follower now too.

    The Scarf Princess

  13. I'm so glad I have Friends of the Library. Does yours do a huge book sale every year to benefit the library too? Following you back.

  14. I like shopping at used bookstores too. You never know what awesome finds will be there!

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    Old follower =)

  15. I actually buy a lot of my books AT the library haha. I love supporting them, and I can get tons of books for cheap!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  16. I'm the same. But I hardly ever go to the library nowadays! I need to go more!

    Check out my FF post here


    Reading is my cup of tea

  17. The majority of my books are all bought online. I've got a couple that were gifted to me, and I've got ARC ebooks.
    I don't go to libraries,not because I dont want to, but since I live in Puerto Rico, their idea of a library is really just sad. :(

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  19. I love ebooks but hate that I can't share them.

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  20. agree.

    I mostly buy kindle ebooks but ALWAYS buy physical copies of my favorite books, that's why I love them too much to give them away <3

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  21. From the library. OMG, how silly but I never even considered that as an option. Probably because the libraries where I live are a little light on for the good stuff. Anyway. New follower, you've already followed me, just returning the favour!

  22. I wish I had more options to choose from in our libraries... Otherwise, I'm pretty much like you! :) Thanks for stopping by! Old follower.

  23. I love that you use a library. I check quite a few out from my school library, which my students love to see me reading what they like. Thanks for stopping by my FF post. New follower.


  24. We don't really have a good stoked library I only went when I went to college for the education books. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Old follower

  25. I use my library 99% of the time too. I'm lucky in that my library is part of the county system and I can get books from any of the libraries in the county.

  26. I also get books from my library; I love my library!

  27. I need to start reading more on my Kindle! Its so kind of you to donate your books to the library...I'm not quote ready to part with mine yet, lol!

    Here's my FF: Goldilox's FF

    *new follower!*

  28. Hey, just stopping by to follow you back.

    I need to start going to the library again so that I can save a little money by buying only the books that I've enjoyed.

    Have a great weekend!


  29. There is something so great about going to the library and leaving with FREE books! Gives me a thrill every time :-)

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  30. Great post :)

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  31. I usually end up giving mine away..Some I keep forever :) New follower!

  32. Yes, I wish we could trade Kindle books too.
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  33. I don't borrow from the library enough, and I should, but I don't spend too much on books, so I guess it works itself out.
    Thanks for stopping by, new follower.

    Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

  34. I always keep the books I buy :) LoL probably because I can hardly afford to buy books, so when I do I make sure its one I love.

    That and I also go to the library too much for my own good LOL

    Love the blog and am now a follower :)


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