Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WOW #81

I'm waiting on

 Six Months Later

Six Months Later by Natalie D. Richards
Release Date October 1st 2013

Chloe didn't think about it much when she nodded off in study hall on that sleepy summer day. But when she wakes up, snow is on the ground and she can't remember the last six months of her life. Before, she'd been a mediocre student. Now, she's on track for valedictorian and being recruited by Ivy League schools. Before, she never had a chance with super jock Blake. Now he's her boyfriend. Before, she and Maggie were inseparable. Now her best friend won't speak to her.

What happened to her?
And why can't she remember?

Why I'm Waiting?
I love amnesia books and I am so curious about how she lost her memory. It would be so weird to wake up and not remember the last six months of your life.

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  1. This one does sound really good! This is the first I have heard of it so thanks for putting it on my radar! I love these type of reads as well.

  2. Never heard of this one. The cover pulls you in. Nice choice!

  3. No kidding! That would be weird. I guess it would feel a little like alzheimers. Nice book pick :)

  4. Oh I have seen this book around and yeah amnesia books can be quite interesting. I hope you'll get this one soon. Great pick :)

    Tanja @ Ja čitam, a ti?

  5. Sounds like a really cool book! I love YA Mystery:)
    Here's my WoW

  6. I've not heard of this, but it sounds really good :)

    My WW!

  7. This book has me really curious. Thanks for sharing :)



  8. This one sounds really good! Thanks for sharing :)

    Sharon - http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/waiting-on-wednesday-insanity-by-susan.html

  9. I really want to know what's going on with her too. I can tell it will drive me nuts until I find out what happened to the last 6 months of her life! I signed up for the tour and I'm really excited for it! :)

    Great pick!

    Nick - My WoW

  10. Yay! I picked this one a couple weeks ago too! And did I see you on the one tour for it? I am too. I hope it is as good as it sounds! :)

    My W.O.W.

  11. This does sound really intriguing! I'll have to put it on my list. Great WoW pick!

    Here's my WoW Post!

    Wendy @ Escape Into Fiction

  12. Wow, that sounds really interesting! I like the tag line, definitely has me curious! Haven't heard of this before, thanks for spotlighting it!

    Bookmunchies' WoW (:

  13. I actually have never heard of this book, or the author! WOW! I kind of can't believe that. You've picked a good one though - it sounds interesting! I hope you read it and enjoy it :)

    Check out my WoW post!

  14. I just saw this one somewhere recently. Looks good.

  15. This sounds amazing, adding to tbr. Hope you get to read it soon!
    Brandi at Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  16. I LOVE amnesia storylines although they also frustrate me because I want to know what the hell is going on! Great choice :)

  17. This does sound really interesting. Amnesia storylines are almost always interesting and this one definitely has me curious. Great pick, Jennifer!
    Natflix&Books' WoW

  18. I think this is going to be good and I love a good amnesia book too. Great pick.

  19. i'm really excited about this one too! i love the description and i haven't read many amnesia books so i think i'm really going to like this one.

    hope you can stop by my WoW.

    -michelle @ Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks

  20. I LOVE books like this one! Definitely on my TBR list now. Thanks for sharing. :)

    New follower!

    My WoW.

    Stop by my giveaway if you have a moment!

    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

  21. Now this sounds good and perfect for fall..I totally want to know what happened!

  22. Awesome pick! I love amnesia story lines, too. I actually have this for review, and can't wait to get started.

  23. YEA! I just got this one from the publisher and I'm super excited to read it.


  24. This sounds sooo intriguing! Plus, I love that cover! I'm really looking forward to checking this out! Thanks for putting it on my radar! Great pick! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  25. I love amnesia books, too! And this one has something weird going on, and I am all about embracing the weird. :) Great pick!

  26. WHY CAN'T SHE REMEMBER? That is such a terrifying premise-I may not have everything I want but at least I have my own mind and memory.


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