Monday, July 15, 2013

The Hot Summer Reads Readathon Challenge!

YA Romantics
Hosted by Patrick @ The Bookshelves  
& Jen @ Ya Romantics
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I have a 3 part challenge!

Part 1
Book Spine Poem

First I would like for you to gather some books off your shelf and put them together to create a poem! Take a picture and post it on your blog/twitter/facebook/goodreads/tumblr or wherever and also leave the link in the comments! If you can't take a picture then leave the poem in the comments.

This was harder than I thought but here is what I attempted

Unravel Me Under The Never Sky
On The Island A Midsummer's Nightmare Is When
The Rules of Attraction Wither The Forbidden Tempest

I had no books that sounded good together :-(

Part 2
Guess That Summer Title

These 5 books all have summer in the title. Guess the title and author and enter it into the rafflecopter!
If you need help check out these lists of summer books
 YA Easy Summer Reads
YA Summer Books

~1 ~ 

T _ e   _u_ m _ _   I   _ _ r n e d   _ _ _ t t y   by   J e _ _ _   H _ n

~2 ~

T _ e _ t _   B _ y   _ _ m _ _ r   by   S _ _ a h   O _ k _ _ _

~3 ~

A _   E _ _ l _ s s   _ u _ _ e _   by   C.J.   D _ _ _ _ _

~4 ~ 

_ u m m _ _   S _ _ t e _ s   by   J _ _ y   B _ u m _

~5 ~

S _ _ o _ d   C _ a n _ _   S _ m _ e _   by   M _ _ _ _ _   M a _ s _ n

Part 3
Summer Favorites

 Leave me a comment with your favorite summer read? 

Or your favorite thing to do in the summer!

My favorite thing is swimming and rafting!
Also doing those things while reading and having a great smoothy!

My favorite summer read is The Boys of Summer
Since it is on sale I'll probably be picking extra winners! 


  1. I like your poem, it has a dark, mysterious quality! My favorite summer read is to reread the Harry Potter books. My favorite book I read last summer was Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I loved the setting and the characters. I guess my favorite thing to do in the summer is our library's Summer Reading program, I love seeing the children excited about books! Thanks for hosting!

    Here is the link to my Book Spine Poem:

  2. Your poem is great Jennifer :) But I freaking give up on #4 and 5. Since I don't read a lot of summer books, I just have no clue lol

    1. Oh and I actually don't do much in the summer but stay in doors with that good ol air conditioner :) I hate the hate!

  3. My favorite summer read is Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles, actually the whole series and Leaving Paradise series :) I`ve re-read them a couple of times.
    Anything contemporary and with romance is what I love to read the most, so any summer read counts :)
    I love to go swimming and sun tanning when the weather is good, but when it`s not- you can find me reading a book in my bed ^^

    My poem:
    Inside Out, Outside In
    The Fault In Our Stars
    The Gathering

    Umm, didn`t make much sense ^^

  4. I love these challenges! My favorite summer read this year has been The Distance Between Us by Kasie West. We're also reading the Harry Potter books with the kids this summer and that has been really fun. But I generally tend to stick with light romances in the summer, not really sure why.

    The poem I made goes like this:

    You Wake
    Under the Never Sky
    Out of the Easy
    The Distance Between Us
    Burning Furious

    Thanks for hosting these challenges and a giveaway!

    My Read-a-thon Post

  5. I love just getting out in the summer and reading outdoors! My favorite summer reads are any of the Vampire Academy books!!
    Here is the link to my poem

  6. Favorite summer thing is playing in the water with my kids and playing at the beach. My favorite summer read right now has been Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson, but I also love YA Contemporary Romance. :)

  7. I took my picture of my poem and posted it on Tumblr.

    Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings


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