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Review: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Unravel Me (Shatter Me #2) 
by Tahereh Mafi

Release Date: February 5, 2013
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 465
Genre: YA Dystopian
Source: ARC
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tick tick tick tick tick it's almost time for war. Juliette has escaped to Omega Point. It is a place for people like her—people with gifts—and it is also the headquarters of the rebel resistance. She's finally free from The Reestablishment, free from their plan to use her as a weapon, and free to love Adam. But Juliette will never be free from her lethal touch. Or from Warner, who wants Juliette more than she ever thought possible. In this exhilarating sequel to Shatter Me, Juliette has to make life-changing decisions between what she wants and what she thinks is right. Decisions that might involve choosing between her heart—and Adam's life.

Juliette and Adam are still hanging out in the underground facility working on the resistance. Juliette tries to learn to control her power while Adam undergoes testing to figure out why he can touch Juliette. Answers are not good and the two have some problems to work through. This was very frustrating. I understood Juliette's reasoning but I really hate the back and forth. Plus Adam just breaks my heart. He is so sweet and wants to make things work with Juliette. But they are also dealing with an unruly hostage who will only speak to Juliette. So soon enough my mind was off Adam and onto Warner!

Oh Warner. How psycho I truly thought you were. Oh how hard I tried to hate you, to stay on Team Adam. But I really can't resist you any longer! We get down deep with Warner and what you find out is that he is not psycho, his father is! Supreme Commander Anderson laughs that Warner has feelings, laughs that Warner tried to kill him as a boy but couldn't, laughs at how weak Warner is for wanting to be near his mother. Warner hates his dad and even took his mom's last name. Awww! I love me a mammas boy! Not to mention how eloquently, and swoontasticly Warner speaks to Juliette. While I know he did some horrible things in the first book, I really understood why during this book. Warner has no idea how to show love. And he really really does love Juliette and just wanted to make her strong. Also chapter 62 was just so...asdjfaoejfaensodifnaoefjesofjooseo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for once I have moved to the dark side! Join us because we have cookies and Warner!

Kenji is such a hilarious scene stealer! I am Team Kenji along with everyone else but don't worry he is so not a love interest. Just a fun and understanding friend with great comic relief. I once again just LOVE the super descriptive writing style. It does take a few pages to get back into the swing of it but it makes me feel like I am Juliette. I feel completely inside her head and I see and feel everything as her perfectly. I feel her frustrations, her bravery, and her courage. I love how strong she is becoming. It ends similar to the first book, no huge cliffhanger, but it just kind of ends with you still needing and wanting more! Loved it! Dying so much for the next one and have been for months since I read this in August.

"I want to know where to touch you," he says. "I want to know how to touch you. I want to know how to convince you to design a smile just for me." I feel his chest rising, falling, up and down and up and down and "Yes," he says. "I do want to be your friend." He says "I want to be your best friend in the entire world."
"I want so many things," he whispers. "I want your mind. Your strength. I want to be worth your time." His fingers graze the hem of my top and he says "I want this up." He tugs on the waist of my pants and says "I want these down." He touches the tips of his fingers to the sides of my body and says, "I want to feel your skin on fire. I want to feel your heart racing next to mine and I want to know it's racing because of me, because you want me. Because you never," he says, he breathes, "never want me to stop. I want every second. Every inch of you. I want all of it."

"He actually begged me not to kill you." Laughs again. "It was just as pathetic as it was surprising."
"Of course then I knew I had to meet you," he says, smiling, staring at me like he might be enchanted.
"I must meet the girl who's managed to bewitch my boy! I said to myself. This girl who's managed
to make him lose sight of his pride-his dignity -long enough to beg me for a favor," A pause. "Do you know,"
he says to me, "when my son has ever asked me for a favor?" He cocks his head. Waits for me to answer.
I shade my head. "Never." He takes a breath. "Never, not once in nineteen years has he ever asked me for anything. Hard to believe, isn't it?"

"Yeah, bro." Kenji puts his utensils down. "You are moody. It's always 'Shut up, Kenji.' 'Go to sleep, Kenji.'
'No one want to see you naked, Kenji.' When I know for a fact that there are thousands of people who would love to see me naked-"

Rating: 5/5


  1. Ah, this is one of those books that KILLS me that I haven't read book one yet. I think I'm just gonna buy it and try to squeeze it in as soon as I can.

  2. haha nereyda . what she said

  3. SQUEE!!! You're finally going to give Warner some love?!? Yes, welcome to the dark side, lol! I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!!!! I'm already swooning! Or maybe I'm still swooning from Destroy Me...who knows. :P

  4. Oooh I need this book RIGHT NOW. I'm so curious to see how I'll feel about Adam and Warner after this one, because right now (after Shatter Me and Destroy Me) I'm still VERY MUCH Team Adam, but I've heard almost everyone switches sides so !!!!!

  5. Ahh!! I need to read Shatter Me. March... I'll read it in March.

  6. Still need to read Shatter Me as well >_< but I've heard just how amazing this series is. This second book sounds just as awesome as the first so I'm definitely going to have to check these out soon! Thanks for sharing the great review!

  7. so jealous!! I loved Shatter me!! I didn't think I'd love the writing style, but I did, and I agree. It makes you feel like you're in Juliette's head, and sometimes you're wondering if she's really gone crazy after her imprisonment. I also liked Warner in the first book. I hope he and Juliette works it out!! I WANT TO READ IT NOW!!

  8. Ahhhhhhh! Covering my eyes and ears to the Team Warner love! lol That is why I am so nervous to read this. Also, y'all are tempting me to skip ahead to chapter 62! I won't, but the temptation is there. :)

  9. The cover for this one is one of those creepy beautiful ones. You have no idea if you should be awed by it or slightly horrified LOL!

    This is another series I really need to try!

  10. AHHHH Everyone keeps saying how even though they hated Warner they now love him. I don't see how this is possible!! You are killing me!! NEED THIS BOOK NOW!!! Lol! Okay, enough of my spazzing. Awesome review babe!!

  11. I am so excited about this book! Ahh I read the inbetween ebook "Destroy Me" and I don't know what to think about Warner. I'm glad you liked this book, can't wait to get my hands on it :)

  12. I have got to pick up a copy of Shatter Me. Thanks for the awesome raving review. It is pushing me to start the series.


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