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Charade Read~Along Week 1

Chapters 1-6~Hosted By Some Like It Paranormal 

Charade begins with Heven cutting off a lot of the hair she used to hide behind. Her haircut turns out really good. Have you ever had a bad haircut? A bad dye job? Tell us about it.

I have never dyed my hair but I do have a hilarious story for you about when my mom cut my bangs. My dad likes to make fun of my mom because she is one of those people that will buy and believe everything in a commercial. Well she decided to buy the Flowbee to cut my brother and dads hair and supposedly save all this money. But my brother wouldn't even let her near him unless she paid him. LOL My hair has always been really long but when I was little I had bangs. My mom decided to use the Flowbee to trim them. She had no clue what she was doing and they were so short and messed up! I cried! But to make up for it she let me get my ears pierced! I think I was about 9 years old when it happened and she had wanted me to wait until I was 12 years old to get them pierced. As you can guess my mom eventually returned it. I tell this story all the time and my co-worker said she actually knows a guy that has cut his hair with the Flowbee for 10 years!!! I guess it works for some...

What do you think about Heven and Cole’s relationship?

I like their relationship. I think Cole is a really sweet guy and good friend. I also feel bad for him because Kimber is such a bitch. As much as I love Sam part of me actually wants to see them get together. But at the least I do hope they remain friends.

A new character is introduced in these chapters. Gemma. What are your thoughts on her? Any predictions?

Gemma is still really mysterious. I hope she is able to train and help Sam. I am wondering why she wouldn't say anything to them sooner. She kind of came out of nowhere and surprised me. Would really such for Sam not to be able to shift and protect Heven.

There are a lot of demons running around in Charade. What do you think would be the best weapon to fight them?

I'm not sure. A sword always sounds good. When in doubt, decapitate! lol But I don't like to get close so maybe a gun?!

jeweled sword   AMD

Sam is very close with his brother and feels responsible for him. Do you have any siblings? What is your relationship with them like?

I have one older brother. I would say that we are pretty close. He is super nerdy and not really anything like me but we have a good time even if we completely disagree on what movies to watch. He is into Japanese and indie films while I like what he calls paste eater films. When we were little it was another story. We got into horrible fights and one time we even cut each others hair!

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Week 2 Questions
Chapters 7-13
November 12th-Christy @ Love of Books
1. Heven’s mom has a new boyfriend that Heven doesn’t really like. Have you ever disliked a boyfriend/girlfriend of family member’s significant other? Did you tell them or just try to get along?
2. Kimber is acting weird… weirder than usual. Any predictions? Have you ever known anyone like Kimber?
3. Heven is getting a new “supernatural” power. If you could have one which would you choose?
4. In this set of chapters we find out something about Cole. Were you surprised?
5. Heven has someone invading her dreams. What is the scariest or wackiest dream you have ever had?


  1. I loved your hair story. I didn't even know such a thing like Flowbee existed. And I also had some epic fights with my older brother. I can relate. :P

  2. Oh my Gosh a Flowbie!!! Bah ha ha ha ha!!! I can't imagine. Did it feel like you were having your head vaccumed? lol. But hey at least you got your ears pierced. I loved this post and your answers. All the pictures were awesome and where in the world did you get that Hellhound picture, its so awesome.
    I think I probably like to watch paste eater movies too.... LOL!!!
    Wonderful first post and thank you so much for kicking off the read along. :-)

  3. Bahhhaha, Flobwbie. My ex boyfriends brother-in-law actually used it. It is hard to believe that anyone used those things. lol

  4. Hi, Jennifer!

    Oh, that incident with your hair is REALLY funny! Would you believe I've never heard of a Flowbee before? Lol.

    I agree that Cole is a very sweet guy. However, I don't think he should be so pushy when it comes to Heven. She has told him, in no uncertain terms, that she loves Sam. Yet, he continues to hope. But then, too, Kimber IS such a bitch -- I agree about this, also. In fact, I've NEVER liked her, and I don't think I ever will.

    Gemma is indeed pretty mysterious. I had much the same reaction you did -- why didn't she step in sooner? But I do like her. And she and Cole...maybe?

    How wonderful that you have an older brother!! I always wanted one of those! No such luck... you must have no problems meeting guys, right?

    Thanks for being one of the read-along hosts!! : )

  5. Omg... I just died laughing. I totally remember the commercials for the Flowbee! Your brother had the right idea.. no way would I be the guinea pig for that.

    I kind of like Cole more than Sam. I've never been a huge Sam fan.

  6. My mom cut my sister's bangs once. She kept trying to get them straight and kept cutting and cutting until they were about a half inch long. I have photo evidence and I still get out the photo and laugh.

  7. The Floobee... I remember that, never saw one in person but that story made me laugh. What exactly is a paste eater movie? Your brother sounds funny, does he have a honey badger shirt to match yours?

  8. Awesome and hilarious hair story! *snicker* And I have no idea whatsoever what a Flowbee is! LMFAO...XD My first time seeing it! I have yet to read this book, but now I am reconsidering! :D

    Thanks for the awesome post, Jennifer!

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  9. Bahhaa omg I have NEVER heard of that product but for some reason I find the idea and the name hilarious. Like it's a joke or something! LOL

  10. Great answers, though I can honestly say that I've never heard of a flowbee LOl. Sorry I took so long to visit! It's been a wacky week and I've been on a writing binge lol. I've answered at my blog over at and before you ask, yes, I linked up :)


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