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Blog Tour ~ Seaweed by Elle Strauss Review + Giveaway!

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Seaweed by Elle Strauss

Release Date: June 15, 2012
Publisher: Self-Published 
Pages: 233
Genre: YA Mermaids
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Dori Seward can’t wait to get out of Eastcove, a sleepy fishing village on the border of New Brunswick and Maine. She bides her time by hanging out with friends, attending swim club, and holding her biggest competition, Colby–who wants more than just friendship, at arm’s length. Then Tor Riley comes to town and he has everything Dori dreams of in a boyfriend–looks, athleticism and mystery. But Tor also has a tantalizing secret and Dori is determined to find out what it is. The truth is crazier than her wildest imaginations and more dangerous, too. Dori has new enemies, and they will do anything to get to her. Her life, her dreams and her love for Tor are all weighing in the balance. Will Dori risk it all in order to have it all?

Dori also called Seaweed by her best friend Colby loves to swim. Colby would really love to take their friendship to the next level until the new boy in town, Tor, catches her attention. Especially after diving into the water one night and never coming up. When Dori starts dating Tor and notices his avoidance of water she begins to wonder if maybe the sightings of mermaids were real after all. And he is causing a reaction in her to come to the surface that she never knew was possible.

Tor was your usual sweet, hunky, and mysterious love interest. He was a little boring at first but then he does end up having an interesting family tree and history. Just as I thought I knew what was going on with him more surprises would arise. But I also loved Colby. I'm a huge sucker for the best friend left behind but Colby was a jerk to Dori during certain parts. I understood his hurt but after a life long friendship I was sad that he turned his back on her. He does come through for another important part and made my heart ache for him again. Dori's friend's were a bit annoying to me too and I felt like they didn't support her well. I didn't feel like I got to know them very well though.

Dori was fun and and took the discoveries of Tor and some unexpected discoveries of herself very well. But there was a part where she was a bit naive and it annoyed me. A very clear trap and she was just la de da I want to do what I want. Like no you are in danger! Also another thing that bothered me was the weird mermaid family trees. Seemed a lot of mermaid romances were cousins and it just oged me out a bit. Can't all the mermaids just not be related lol But looking past the few things I didn't like it was a super cute story great for any mermaid fans. The details of the mermaids were very descriptive. I loved their underwater life and the changing of the fins was an interesting detail. There was romance and action and once I was half way through I couldn't put it down.

"He gently rubbed his lips against mine, and little tingles swam down my arms and chest and throughout my body. His lips were soft and full with a delicious hint of saltiness. If this was how Tor wanted to keep track of me, I didn't mind."

Rating: 4/5



  1. This one sounds like it had some pretty annoying secondary characters. It's too bad because the story sounds really unique. I'm still waiting on a mermaid book that I'll enjoy. Great review, Jennifer!

  2. Sounds really cute except for the family tree thing. That would bother me too, but I love mermaid stories and I love the little clip at the end of your review. Made me want to pick it up right then.

  3. Love mermaid stories! Great review and thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Hi! Thanks for this chance, Didn't know about this book and the author, nice to find out about them, love mermaids stories!!!

  5. Oh, god. This sounds really good! And the quote is great! Too bad i don't live in the US or CAN. :(

  6. Great review. I have this book a while but haven't picked it up yet.

  7. Mermaid books are all the rage this,summer. I have to admit that I am burned out on them and that I have yet to read one that blows me away. Still, your review leads me to believe that this would be a fun one!

  8. I don't think I've read anything in the YA mermaid genre, but it sounds like, based upon your review, this sounds like it's worth reading. :)

  9. But Jennifer, they're only seeeeeecond cousins :P

    .....puag, no, the more I think about it the less I can stand it, lol. I would never, ever date my cousins o.o

    And you're right, he friends were really annoying, especially the jealous one, it's like, just be happy for her! and Dori did came out as naive. She reminded me way to much of the nemo fish. Use your cell brains girl, don't do this ad don't do that. :/


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