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Fairy Metal Thunder Read-Along/Scavenger Hunt Week 3

July 20th ~ Chapters 14-20 Hosted by Tina of Tina’s Book Reviews

1. In the beginning of chapter 14, poor Jason is having a tough time at work. Its busy, people are rude, there are hot girls talking to him, big lady's are about to starve, all in all bad work day. So tell us about a time when you had to deal with a pushy customer or rude behavior, did you freak, keep it together, throw a slawburger?

When I worked for the catering company and had to serve the meat, this old guy in a hideous Hawaiian shirt claimed I splashed meat juice on him and whined about messing up his brand new shirt. I just apologized and bit my tongue because it was a hideous shirt! I didn't see anything on it! But he was kept whining to his wife about how messed up his shirt was.
In my last job I had to take phone orders from cops and they are the cheapest people on the planet. They constantly complained about the prices and the price of shipping. One guy was so mad I charged him shipping. We argued for a long time. Sometimes they would go to my boss but she was cool with it and knows how cheap they are. UPS isn't free! 

2. In chapter 16 Jason is getting ready to shoot his rocking music video and perform for a crowd. Have you ever made a rock video, been in a play or anything that shows you doing something with musical talent? Extra points if you want to show us.

I have no musical talent but I do enjoy playing rock band!


3. Speaking of videos, the boys have a little chat about Steven Spielberg in chapter 17, what is your favorite Spielberg movie? Can't think of one...well then tell us about one of your favorite Sci-fi movies.

I think my favorite would have to be Jurassic Park.

4. At the end of Chapter 17 the guys say bye to Dred who is getting ready to move, did you ever have to start over in a new school or new place when you were in highschool? Was it good, bad...horrible?

Luckily no. I never moved houses or schools EVER! I was actually kind of jealous of people that moved. I didn't want to change schools but I wanted a new house. I was a Lincoln High Trojan all four years!

5. If you had a pet Unicorn what would you name it?

Illyria I don't know why but I just love that name from when Fred turned into Illyria in the fifth season of Angel. I loved that show and as a Jennifer I am more of a fan of unique names.    

And just for fun: Would you rather be pecked to death by a vulture or eat a Goblins toenails???
First ewwwwwwwwww Second I would eat the toenail over death duh!


  1. Lol!! I think I would have wanted to slap they guy with meat. (though I wouldn't haha) I am not great at dealing with people. I am far to sensitive and people are such jerks. I love the unicorn name you chose. Very unique!!

  2. Great Answers!!! I forgot about Jurassic Park!!! Oh my gosh I loved that movie too...:)

  3. First, Hawaiian shirts should be outlawed!

    I suck at Rockband! My musical talent is that poor! lol

    Jurassic Park and Indy seem to be the most popular! Both are full of awesome!

    Oh, I totes forgot about Illyria and I loved how Fred looked w/ the blue hair and eyes. That's a beautiful name! Good choice!

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

  4. Illyria is a cool name. It's really pretty, yet fierce sounding. Perfect for a unicorn. I stayed in the same school system from kindergarten to high school graduation so I know how you feel, but then when I actually did move away it was really hard at first.

  5. Yep, serve me up some toenails please. That story about the guy in the hideous Hawaiian shirt was too funny. Jurassic Park is definitely a classic! Great fun post! Have an awesome weekend, Jennifer!

  6. Jurassic Park did rule. Also love the name Illyria.

    Go Trojans!

  7. I bet meat juice would have improved that Hawaiian shirt drastically, they're so yucktacular! I haven't seen any of the Jurassic Park films; I'll have to now! Loved your post, some fun answers!

  8. I have the first book and am really excited about reading this!


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