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My Book Boyfriend #14

It's been awhile since I've participated. I have missed this meme but like my real life my book life has been lacking swoon worthy men.
Then I met Falco and I knew I had to share him even though his book won't be out for 5 months. I figure you can swoon and mark it TBR and by October 30th it will be like brand new again.

My book boyfriend is 


Venom (Secrets of the Eternal Rose, #1)

"He had dark brown hair that curled under at the ends and eyes as blue as the Adriatic. His smile tilted a little to the right. It was the smile of someone who loved getting into trouble."

Falco is an artist and a peasant, funny, sarcastic, sweet and super swoon worthy. But for Cassandra who has been promised to another and who comes from a noble family, he is forbidden. 

"I didn't see you at all, bella signorina."
"Though I can't say it wasn't a pleasure running into you."
"You should be more careful, you know."
"Careful?" she managed to croak. "You're the one who knocked me over."
 "I couldn't resist," he said, and he actually had the nerve to wink at her. "It's not often I get the chance to put my hands on such a beautiful woman."

Milo Ventimiglia 

"It's a wonder you aren't the one being mourned, as accident prone as you seem to be."
"I hardly think you jumping on me earlier qualifies me as accident prone."
"Oh, if I had jumped on you, you'd know it," he said with a wink.

"Cassandra," he repeated, as though her name pleased him. "So did I interrupt something? A sordid little tryst, perhaps?"
"You must be joking." Cass was in no mood for humor. Besides, the closest she'd ever been to a tryst was when he'd fallen on top of her in the street earlier that day.
"Always. Sadly, you don't seem like the type of girl who would be up for a midnight...encounter." Falco's eyes drifted downward. "Too bad."


"Come on," Falco said. "I'll see you safely home to your fancy sheets. I'd say you need your beauty sleep, but it looks like you've been getting plenty."

Falco softened. "Your guardians, then. They won't believe that we weren't..." He trailed off. "It'll be the talk of the city by daybreak." He reached out and stroked her hair. "Fun thought though, eh? A girl like you with me?"


"So fierce," Falco murmured, holding out a hand to help Cass to her feet. "I'm beginning to enjoy picking you up off the ground."

"If I had your body, I'd stare at it for hours. Days, maybe."

"How terrible it must be to be a member of the noble class. So many rules. Such restraint. You must feel like a caged bird, battering its wings against the sides of its golden prison."

"I understand if you don't want to come. So many rules to break." Falco's voice still had that lilting quality to it, but his eyes were serious. "It is safer in the cage, isn't it?"


She took a step toward the gondola. "I want to go."
Falco grinned. "I knew you would."
Cass paused, her hand on the side of the boat. She looked up at Falco. "Why is that?"
This time, he definitely winked. "Not every girl likes to wander through graveyards in the middle of the night."
"I guess I'm not every girl," Cass said, allowing him to take her hand and gently assist her into the gondola.
An indecipherable look flashed across Falco's tan face for just a second. Then he smiled. "No, Signorina," he said. "You are definitely not. You're different, and I like it."

Falco's eyes widened in fake shock. "Well, then perhaps I should ask for a tour of the house." He grinned, clearly relishing Cass's embarrassment. "Can we start with your bedroom?"

Falco cocked an eyebrow. "A beautiful woman who doesn't speak. Every man's dream."


"I see you've made yourself comfortable," Cass shot back. "I wasn't expecting you tonight." Or ever.
"I'd thought you might have learned that with me, you must expect the unexpected."

"Lately I always think I'm doing the wrong thing."
Falco nodded, keeping his eyes locking on the water. His jaw was tight. "You should stop thinking so much. Do what feels right."          


The paintbrush slipped from Falco's fingers, falling to the floor and leaving a splotch of red on the gray stone. Falco bent down to retrieve it. "Maybe," he said. "You look tired. Do you need a break.?"
"Yes." Cass sad up on the divan, rolling her head around in a circle. "Can I see?"
Falco refilled her glass and then came to sit beside her. "Not yet," he said, rubbing her neck gently.
"Why not?" Closing her eyes, she tilted her head down to make more room or Falco's hands. Again, something deep inside of her whispered that she should run away while she still could. And again, Cass ignored it.
"Because it's not perfect yet." Innocent words, but he said them in a way that was soft and full of longing.
Cass kept her face down, her eyes closed, afraid of what she'd see if she opened them.
Falco brushed her hair back over her shoulders. He traced a finger around the edge of her lips. "But you are."


"Why can't you just be who you are?" Falco asked, his lips moving toward hers.

"I know you want this as much as I do," he said. "You aren't going to report me. And even if you did, I'm inclined to think a night with you might well be worth imprisonment."

"Forget the engagement. Forget what you're supposed to do. What do you want to do, Cass? What do you need?"


"Come away with me, Cassandra," Falco said, his hands coming to rest lightly on her waist. "I can give you a life now. It may not be quite what you're used to, but it will be filled with love."

I used Milo Ventimiglia. I loved him in Gilmore Girls and Heroes. He also has a titled smile that reminds me of the way Cass describes Falco. He just needs some blue contacts and a bit more of a tan if he were to play Falco in a movie.


  1. Haha. I like the idea. And I dare say I'm looking very much forward to meeting Falco in Venom!

  2. lol those guys u picked mysteriously look so much alike!! :)

  3. Awww, he is so adorable!!! LOVE him :) I should really pick this book uP! :) And I like Milo! :) :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Jennifer! I'm even more excited for Venom and Falco now!

  5. Oh, Falco! I haven't met him yet (thanks to the 5 months trying to separate us), but boy do those teasers ever speak volumes about his personality! x) And I don't know if this is just me, but every time a book boy says, "Come away with me," (and it happens more often than you'd think!), I get tingles all the way from my cheeks to my toes. This boy really knows how to make a girl swoon!

    Gooooorgeous pick for your book boyfriend this week, Jen! You're making me more eager to read venom! :) <3

  6. If those quotes weren't persuasive enough, using Milo's picture has convinced me Falco is one of MY favourite book boyfriends. And I haven't even met him yet lol. :D Thank you for this! (Or not, seeing as though I want this book even more now! :P)

  7. Wow! Cheating on Adrian? Tsk Tsk...I am looking forward to meeting Falco as well. Loved the quotes you shared, but the dide definitely needs to wear some blue contacts. Great pick can't wait to read Venom.

  8. Wow! This guy knows how to drop a line! Thanks for sharing your book boyfriend! ~Serena @ Edgy Inspirational Romance

  9. I love Milo Ventimiglia, too! Such a cutie.

    I totally swooned over that last quote. Living on love is the way to go.

  10. Can't wait to meet Falco in Venom! Who can resist him after all of these qotes? =D

  11. I am so pumped about this book now! Why does October have to be so far away? Falco's quotes are amazing especially that last one and the one about the painting being perfect...le sigh. Love that you chose Milo to model as well...beautiful man.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  12. Hmm, going to have to check this book out, I've never heard of it before. Great casting choice by the way.


  13. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. It is the pinnacle of awesome that you picked Falco for your book boyfriend. I am tweeting this up immediately.

  14. Looks like I have a new guy/book crush! Thanks for sharing those awesome quotes from Venom! I can't wait to read it! :)

  15. I can imagine Milo saying most of these things. Thanks for all the quotes. I think I'm falling in love with Falco already and I haven't even read the book. Sounds great!!


  16. I will have to meet this Falco!! and god Milo is SO SO SO good looking!!!

  17. I LOVE your guy! He sounds like the right amount of swoon worthy awesomeness! I haven't read this one yet, but I definitely am now - thank you so much for sharing him! Have a great weekend! :)

    Here's mine:


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  19. Ooooh now I REALLY can't wait to read this book! All those quotes were fantastic! And oh my word, I cannot even express how perfect Milo is as Falco!
    ~Le swoon

    Here’s my book boyfriend


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