Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Winner & Free Books!

I always forget to announce winners but the winner of the eBook copy of Sleepers by Megg Jensen was
For those interested in the book it is currently free at Amazon but I don't think it is free for UK Amazon.

Also Cover for 'Clockwise' 
is free at smashwords! Loved this book

And Cover for 'Exiled: Book 1, Immortal Essence Series' 
is free at smashwords!

Grab them while they are still free! Enjoy!


  1. Just got Exiled, excited to start reading it!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Clockwise. I really liked the sound of that from your review :)

  3. thank you for this!! Clockwise, I've seen you liked it a lot! :) Thanks again Jennifer! <3

  4. LOL so it's not just me? x) I always tend to forget to announce the winners for books too -- that's why I try to do more an more giveaways with Rafflecopter because they announce the winners right on the giveaway post! Haha even though I've probably already filled my sister's phone with so many books (which she is NOT happy about haha), I'm going to go get Clockwise because I know that you liked it! ;)

    Congratulations on winning, Pragya! And thanks so much for sharing these awesome deals, Jen! :) <3

  5. I just announced mine, oh dear 2 days late. Oh I am running to amazon to get Sleepers, thanks for sharing and I LOVED CLOCKWISE!!


  6. thank u for the free books announcement :D


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