Monday, April 9, 2012

Masquerade Read~Along Week 1

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Chapters 1-8

1. If you were disfigured like Heven (by some sort of accident) do you think you would have reacted the same way as her? (loss of self confidence, hiding yourself, etc) 

That is a really difficult position to be in. I'd like to say that I would stay strong and try to stay confident but I'm sure it would take a long time to be able to feel as good about myself as Before.

2. Do you think that Kimber’s plan for revenge against Cole (for kissing another girl) is a good idea? 

Sure! LOL You're asking the wrong person. I'm all about revenge. If she was for sure not going to get back together with him then I think it would be okay to move on and maybe make him a little bit jealous. But since she wanted to eventually get back with him and she loved him, I don't think that was a good idea.

3. In the beginning chapters, Heven is very drawn to Sam but won’t admit it due to her own insecurities. Kimber begins to “date” Sam… do you think that Heven should have spoken up? Do think Kimber should have seen Heven’s real feelings? 

I think Heven should have spoken up. I could barely tell that she liked him so I wouldn't expect Kimber to know. Kimber doesn't read minds. Heven thought he was cute but she avoided him so Kimber wouldn't have any clue about Heven's feelings. You got to call out dibs to your friends! LOL 

4. Masquerade is broken in four separate POV’s: Heven, Sam, The Hate and The Hope. Do you think having multiple POV’s adds depth to the story? Why or why not? 

Yes, I love multiple POVs. I like to see the story from the different character's perspectives. I'm still confused about the whole Hate and Hope perspective but it is interesting. I don't think I have read from Sam's POV yet in these first 8 chapters but maybe I forgot already?

5. A great source of strength for Heven is her grandmother. Who do you think yours is/would be? 

Probably my friends and family would be my support system. I feel like Heven is too afraid to lose Kimber, the only friend that she has left, to go back to being herself and truly utilizing Kimber's support. Heven keeps walking on egg shells around her and that won't help Heven or strengthen their friendship. 


  1. Great answers. I am chuckling a little about your honest answer for number two. I enjoy multiple POV's too. It is great to see things from a different perspective. Thanks for participating.
    - Stephanie

  2. LOL your answer to the second question put the biggest smile on my face, Jen x) But I actually never thought of that way! It makes sense that if she was never planning on getting back together with Cole, then it would be more okay than if she really was planning on getting back together with him. Right? And I don't think we got any of Sam's POV from the first eight chapters either, but you do really soon after that! :)

    I love your answers, Jen! I can't wait to read the rest and see what you think of that too! ;) <3


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