Thursday, April 26, 2012

Masquerade Read~Along Week 4

 Hosted by Mostly Reviews
Chapters 24-31

1. Heven develops a new “supernatural power”. She remarks that it isn’t that exciting of a power. Is this a power you would like to have?

Well I would kind of have to agree with her that it isn't that exciting. I would prefer mind reading, mind control, invisibility, teleportation, telekinesis and a bunch of other powers. But I suppose it could come in handy since she can read feelings off the aura colors and she will know when someone means to harm her.

2. Which character do you think makes the biggest internal change throughout the course of this book?

Definitely Heven although Sam goes through a lot of internal struggle as well. But Heven goes through dealing with her scars, her self worth, her mom calling her evil, and building up her life from China. He also deals with self worth and being evil. His parents ditched him because of those feelings and I think Sam has been dealing with that ever since.

3. Who is your favorite character and why?

Sam and Heven. I always love a good swoon worth guy and Sam was really sweet. Heven was very strong and I liked that in her character.

4. When the book ends the reader has an idea of what the next book will involve. Do you think the book ended in the appropriate place?

Yeah I'm happy with the ending. Everything isn't finished but it didn't leave me with a horrible cliffhanger. Just anxiously awaiting what will happen in Rome and also what is up with Logan. I'm HIGHLY suspicious of him!!!

5. Do you have any predictions for the next book in the series, Charade?

I'm assuming Heven, Sam, Kimber, and Cole will be heading to Rome on the school trip. I'm hoping we will find out a bit more about this scroll and as I stated more about Logan. I find him showing up right now very suspicious and I think he might be trying to steal the scroll or have some other nefarious plan. 

6. Did you enjoy participating in this read along? Will you join in future read-alongs?

Yes I love read~alongs! Perhaps we can have a Charade read~along when it comes out?


  1. Ahh you are the third blogger asking about a Charade read along. Would you be interested in helping to host? I loved Sam and Heven and Gran and Cole. Logan is getting a bad rap after reading Between I really like him. Guess we will have to see. Thanks so much for particpating. I have some info on two upcoming read alongs if you are interested.

  2. I love read-alongs. This sounds like a great book. Glad you're enjoying it!

  3. A Charade read-along would be SO FANTASTIC! Do you think we could make a petition for it? I'll design the form and you gather up enough people to sign it -- I don't think that will be hard, considering how many loved his one! :D And I'm super-suspicious about Logan too! You're not the only one who's wondering what's up with that guy... x)

    Awesome answers, Jen! <3 :)

  4. Hi Jennifer. Great answers. I have the feeling like there is something more to Logan too. I am looking forward to finding out.
    Hope to see you at the life event tomorrow.

  5. I am also highly suspicious of Logan too. I can't to see what he's up to. I hope there will be a Charade read-along in the future I loved this one so much! :)

  6. Ahh yes, Logan is a suspicious character!!! More on him to come. There is also Between, a Heven and Hell novella that was published last week and its all about Logan, so you can get a head start on figuring him out. LOL.
    Another read along for Charade would be awesome!!! I think we can hook that up. So fun!
    Thanks for participating in the read along it was the best time and I loved getting to know all of you. thanks for being part of it.

  7. Agreeing with you on Logan he is a bit of a strange guy. Popping up out of no where! I would love a Charade Read A Long why not. Any chance to connect with other bloggers is amazing!


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