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Review: Transfer Student by Laura A.H. Elliot

Transfer Student 
by Laura A.H. Elliot

Release Date: March 19, 2012
Publisher: ELLIOTT, PM Inc.
Pages: eBook Not stated
Genre: YA Aliens
Source: Won
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Two Worlds––Two Teens––One Wish
Geek Rhoe and Surfer Ashley would never be friends.

Even if they lived on the same planet.

But, they’ll become so much more.

They’ll transfer.   (More)

When I started this book I didn't look too closely at the description. I only read what I posted above although you can follow the link to goodreads to see the long description. So I had no idea the two people switching bodies were a male and female. It made things quite interesting. I love aliens and I love body switching stories so I was excited to read this based on that alone. Ashley is a beautiful and popular girl but her mom expects her to marry rich. She wants to be a doctor. Then on another planet there is Rhoe. He is a geek and is currently working on a science project to starjump. His mom and friends think he should give up on it. They both want to escape their lives for different reasons.

You kind of have to let go of reason with this read. Rhoe works on his telescope and believes he has figured out how to starjump. He looks through it one night at the same time Ashley is looking through a telescope at a space center and they switch. Ashley ends up in Rhoe's body on planet Retha. She can speak and understand the language so I guess we just assume it's English although they have different terms for things like days and years which they call rays. She is rather upset to learn he is a geek and looks like a frogman Twinkie. LOL If she has to be in a guys body she at least wants some abs or something she can work with. But when she sees his best friend Yuke, she realizes some of these aliens have hot bodies after all.

Then we have Rhoe in Ashley's body on Earth. He is a big dork and feels like he will ruin Ashley's reputation and she will be so mad. He uses his stories in drama class and falls for her friend Tiffany. Here is where things get kind of weird. I wasn't a big fan of the romance. Not so much because it was Ashley in a guys body falling for a guy and visa versa. It just happened way too fast. Yuke didn't believe Ashley was in Rhoe's body for a long time. When he finally believed her I thought they would spend a long time getting to know each other and then Yuke would fall for the girl inside his best friend's body. But all of a sudden he believed her and they were kissing. It was way weird. I think it would take a long time to fully fall for someone before you would be able to look past them being inside your lifelong best friend's body.

It is really difficult for me to explain all the different thoughts and happenings. It just has to be experienced. I wasn't confused reading it but I find it very hard to explain. I loved the world building of Retha. The planet has no water so the toilets were just stalls with grass, they wind surfed, and they could fly. Ashley definitely has some interesting thoughts about having a penis and Rhoe also enjoys having a female body. It was a fun story and there were a lot more deeper emotions than I expected. I loved the journey Ashley and Rhoe went on and they both grew tremendously from their experiences. I think a switch was what they both needed. Very curious as to where the story will go next.     

"Really?" It's going to be hard to make this look good. I'm a freaking frogman!
I whip off my shirt. Six-pack abs would compensate for a hairy, flat-chest and webbed-feet. But this guy is a total Twinkie. Great. I'm a Twinkie frogman. I run my hand through the hair on my head, and thank God I've got some.

"I think about cars, silent treatments, natural-looks, being popular, cover girls, drugs, and cheating. Regular-Earthly-teenager thoughts."

Rating: 4/5 Stars!


  1. Very cool concept. I think sometimes, letting so of reason is a must. It's so hard for me. I tend to over think books. And about the romance? I'm with you. If my best friend told me she was actually a dude in her body, I would have major issues.
    Nice review! Very informative.

    1. I'm usually pretty good with letting go of logic since I read a lot of paranormal so it's kind of a must. So I was able to but at the same time I felt like I wanted some more explanation. I don't know it was weird. Yeah it would take A LOT for me to see a hunky guy inside my best friends body. I don't know that I could look past that. It would at least take a really long time. The thoughts of the characters were really interesting. I always have wondered what it would be like to be a guy for a day. Not any longer though!

  2. Ohh, I never even noticed this one before, but it sounds so interesting. Regardless of the various leaps and disregard of logic, it sounds like something I'd really like to read. Body switching is always a good and fun topic, but the cross gender thing makes it even more interesting. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Jennifer!

    1. Yeah I always loved Freaky Friday and other body switching stories! I had a really fun time reading the reactions of the characters being in another gender's body. I always wondered it myself. Sometimes you have to forget logic to get to a really unique story. It was fun and fast read. Really different to anything else I have read.

  3. Glad you liked it. It was intersting. LOL Nice review!

    1. Yeah it was funny when she was looking at her penis and she thought something like "oh that's what it's like" LOL

  4. Oh WOW!! Just from looking at that cover and synopsis, I had no idea that it was a boy and girl who were switching bodies -- that really is intriguing! :) It doesn't sound like any other book I've read before, and I have to admit that it makes it sound cooler. LOL and this line put the biggest smile on my face: "If she has to be in a guys body she at least wants some abs or something she can work with..." <-- So. True!! x)

    Awesome review, Jennifer! Thanks for putting this cool-sounding book on my radar! :) <3

    1. LOL Yeah I had a lot of laughs in this one. It would be so strange to be in an alien body but a MALE alien body would especially be interesting. And I can understand wanting to be an attractive male if you have to be a guy as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I've seen this book on Goodreads and immediately added it to my shelf, even if I don't like ebooks. After reading Stephenie Meyer's The Host, I'm looking for this type of stories, and this one seems really interesting.

    1. I love The Host!!! This is a bit different than aliens taking over the earth but very interesting. I loved seeing a guy and girl switch places. Really weird! LOL I hope you enjoy it!


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