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My Book Boyfriend #8

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This week my book boyfriend is
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 From the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton
Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake,...   The Laughing Corpse (Anita Bla...   Circus of the Damned (Anita Bl...   The Lunatic Cafe (Anita Blake,...   Bloody Bones (Anita Blake Vamp...   The Killing Dance (Anita Blake... Burnt Offerings (Anita Blake,...
 I only read up to book 7 because book 8 was when it changed for me. 
The series take a major change around then.
I just pretend book 7 was the last book and Jean-Claude and Anita are together forever. lol
Been quite awhile since I read them but I haven't read about any good boyfriends lately so I thought I would fall back on a favorite.

Jean-Claude is a very powerful vampire over 200 years old. Longish curly black hair. Wears frilly lacy shirts and is the only one that could make them look that good. 
And like all good vampire stories he falls in love with a vampire hunter who despises vampires. But who could despise his sexiness for long?! I really loved the joking between the two of them before Anita finally gave in.

 "You smell of other people's blood, ma petite."
I smiled sweetly at him. "It was no one you knew."

 "There was a time when you would have taken my heart with stake or gun. Now you have taken it with these delicate hands and the scent of your body."

"You're up to something," I said.
He turned, eyes wide, long fingers pressed to his heart. "Moi?"
"Yeah, you,"

 "He laughed, and it raised goose-bumps on my arms. "Oh,ma petite ,ma petite , you are precious."
Just what I wanted to hear. "So how are you getting here?"
"My private jet."
Of course, he had a private jet. "When can you be here?"
"I will be there as soon as I can, my impatient flower."
"I prefer ma petite to flower." 

 "No 'Good evening, Jean-Claude, how are you doing?' Just down to business. How terribly rude, ma petite ."

 "I will bathe in your warmth ma petite. Roll you around me until my heart beats only for you. My breath will grow warm from your kiss." 

 "You are an irritating son of a bitch.”
“Ah, ma petite, how can I resist you when you whisper such sweet endearments to me?"


  "Jesus, are all vampires over two hundred perverts?"
"I am over two hundred," Jean-Claude said.
"I rest my case." 

 "He's no more human than I am, ma petite."
At least I'm not dead."
That can be remedied."


 "Anita can speak for herself," Richard said.
Jean-Claude's attention flicked back to me. "That is certainly true. But I came to see how the two of you enjoyed the play."
"And pigs fly," I said.
"You don't believe me?"
"Not hardly," I said."

"I have lived for over three hundred years. In that time, the ideal of beauty has changed many times. Large breasts, small, thin, curved, tall, short, they have all been the height of beauty at one time or another. But in all that time, ma petite, I have never desired anyone the way I desire you." 


 "She is the Executioner and has more vampire kills than any other human. She is a necromancer of such power that you have traveled halfway around he world to consult her. She is my human servant without a mark to hold her to me. She dates me without the aid of vampire glamor. Why should I not be pleased?"

 I could never find a Jean-Claude so I went with pictures from the graphic novels and a couple fan art pics.


  1. Tee hee. He sounds like a smart ass and I love it. Awesome quotes...I love thee verbal sparring and the playfulness Jean-Claude and Anita. And those illustrations are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful images. He sounds nomish.


  3. Ohhh I've always ment to read these books. Love the artwork that went with the quotes!

  4. LOVE IT! *LE SIGH* You know I love my JC and Anita! You must catch up in the series! I think you'll be happy! Great pics. JC is hard to imitate.

    1. ehh I dunno. I like living in my ignorant bliss and thinking book 7 was the end LOL

  5. I have heard so much about this series, but I'm hesitant because of some negative reviews about the later books. I'll have to just get over that because Jean-Claude sounds amazing! Love the pictures!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

    1. You can always give them a shot and just stop when you don't enjoy them anymore. That is what I did. I knew going into it I would just give up when I didn't like them anymore.

  6. You're not the first to say that the series really changes after book 7 and really turns people off. I haven't read any of the books yet, but that makes me sad because Jean-Claude sounds awesome. I think I'll pretend with you that he and me errrr I mean Anita are together forever. :)

    1. Yeah it makes me sad too! I was warned ahead of time I might not like the change but I gave it a shot. It is sad because I absolutely LOVED the first 7 books but read spoilers for the rest and just didn't want to ruin my good experience. The series starts off with good action, mystery, romance, and not much sex. Then all of a sudden it turns from Anita being a bit prudish not wanting to sleep around to her getting the arduer which makes her like a succubus and having three ways and sex with every man in the book! I'm all for more sex but I thought it would be just with Jean-Claude not everybody! LOL

  7. Jean-Claude ❤! I love when he says ma petite. :) I've read it up to book 16. And you're right.... it's like a sex-fest now...
    But it's kind of a guilty-pleasure for me, so I'll continue reading it.:P
    And I love the pictures! The 3rd one is my favorite.

    Here's my BB:

    1. Yeah I knew when I started that people said they get to be a sex fest...but in my mind I just thought that meant more sex scenes between Anita and Jean-Claude, not that she would all of a sudden get the ardeur and have sex with anything that moved. That is a bit much even for me! LOL I just didn't want to read on and kill the beautiful romance of Anita & Jean-Claude so I ended there.

  8. This is an awesome post. Love the pictures and Laural K. Hamilton. :)

    AJ - AJ's Reading Nook -

  9. hahaha - I'm gonna pretend that the serie finish at book 7 and they stay together forever - looool :D Jennifer you ROCK! ;) Great pick and I absolutely love the quotes you've chose!! :)

    1. Well I like to live in happy land in my head and pretend! I didn't feel like letting how much I loved the books be ruined by the change in the series I didn't want.


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