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My Book Boyfriend #4

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This week my book boyfriend is... 

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From the Need series by Carrie Jones

Captivate (Need, #2)   Entice (Need, #3)   Endure (Need, #4)

He had me swooning in Captivate and then I just finished Entice and I am completely in love. 
I can't wait for Endure to come out!
He is blond haired and dresses rich and stylish. He is a king after all.
He is very chivalrous and supportive of Zara. When she needs him to turn her pixie and help save her boyfriend Nick, he does it all for her. Even though he wants her to accept her role as his queen.
He takes her to Iceland on a lead and they swim in the hot springs.
How Zara is still torn I don't know?! But I hope she ends up with him by the end of Endure.

 "I promise you. You will survive this. Feel my hand. It is yours now, my queen. I promise you. I am yours."

"You will be a great queen when you come back, you know. And someday you'll love me the way you love your wolf." 

"Maybe,” he says slowly, as if each word is an effort, “she took advantage of me."

 "I want you to want me because you want me, not because of grief, not because he is not here. I want you to love me for me. I want you to kiss me first and not because you need me to help you, but because you need to kiss me."

I picked Justin Hartley as Astley.
He just came up in some google searches and he was a cutie from Smallville.
He kind of looks like he could be a pixie king.
If anyone ever saw the strange things I google when doing these posts they would probably laugh! LOL


  1. Jennifer...I have never heard of these books..but they are worth the read? The covers are so pretty! And I love a man with a title and kingdom LOL

  2. Oooh yum! I've heard mixed things about this series, but it's looking hopeful after this :)


  3. @Tee I LOVE THE COVERS! They are so pretty! I really enjoyed them...well especially the second and third book when Astly comes in. I also LOVE a man with a title and kingdom. More people to do my bidding!

    @Book Passion for Life Astly has some great quotes! He is very swoon worthy. Really made the series for me. I'm dying for the last book!

  4. Justin! Love Him!

    I haven't read these books but wowzer I could stay and stare at Justin all day :) He was the main reason I watch Smallville!

  5. Hi Loki, I mean Justin.Oh I like him. He's sexy and hilarious on Smallville. I used him for my Loki (from the Trylle trilogy) in my Top 10 book boyfriends post.

  6. I love this series! I forgot about him a little though, because it's been so long since I've read the books! I think she has one coming out soon. Can't wait!!!

  7. I've never heard of these books, but your Pixie King sounds kind of awesome. I like his persistence and his confidence. I'll have to look into this series further. Nice pick.

  8. I keep meaning to read these books. Astley sounds amazingly sexy and sweet. I have a thing for blond guys...

  9. Jennifer, believe me, I know all about those strange things that come up during google searches. LOL

    King Astly sounds like he has a heart of gold. I wouln't be able to resist him.

  10. I always pass by these books in the library. Maybe I shouldn't anymore. =)

  11. I love this series and have been dying for the next book forever! I am so totally Team Astley and I just can't imagine otherwise!!

  12. lol girl r are mysreuous beings= this coming from a dude

    and yess yummie

  13. I have this in my TBR like forever. I think it's time to purchase my own start reading them :p

  14. Oh wow...looks really good!
    I have this series, well just Need and Captivate, but haven't read it yet... maybe I should read it soon. I want to know more about this pixie king =9

  15. The need series (or at least book 1) just didn't do it for me...But your quotes have me wanting to give it another try! :)

  16. Okay, seeing these books together refreshes my memory. Cute post. I really have to try the series sometime.

    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews


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