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My Book Boyfriend #3

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This week my book boyfriend will be
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by Michelle Rowen

The Demon in Me (Living in Eden, #1)   Something Wicked (Living in Eden, #2)   That Old Black Magic  

Darrak is a dark-haired demon hottie that has possessed Eden. He used to be a powerful Arch Demon until a black witch cursed him and now he only survives by possessing people. While possessing Eden he can take form during the day. Then when the sun goes down, back inside Eden's mind he goes. Eden can't wait to get rid of him until she continues to wake up next to a naked gorgeous man. Maybe being possessed isn't such a bad thing after all. Especially since she is forced to spend so much time with him. He continues to grow on her. He is rather charming and funny. Plus of course extremely hot and he used to be an incubus. 

Her eyes widened. "I'm becoming addicted to you?."
He raised an eyebrow. "You say it like it's a bad thing."

"You're my guardian angel."
He snorted. "Come on, now, let's not end this with an insult."

 “You can tell this lady to bite me, though," Darrak added. "And she can take that holier-than-thou attitude of hers and shove it right under her granny panties.”


"I tried to fight it, tried to deny it, but I couldn't. It's real and it's big and it scares the unholy shit out of me, but it's true. I love Eden, and I would do anything in the universe to save her from all of this. She's the only thing that matters to me."

"I'm feeling better now," Darrak said. 
She stifled a scream and clamped her hands over her bare breasts. 
"Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Did I interrupt something?" There was a short pause. 
"Oh, I see. Don't let me stop you from getting naked. Please, continue."

Eden scanned her reflection with wide eyes. Could she see the demon inside of her? Did she look possessed? Nope. There was nothing noticeable. Other than the deep voice in her head only she could hear.

"This should be interesting." Darrak sounded amused. "As I said before, I've never shared living space with a woman before. I honestly never would have guessed black lace panties for you. But I do approve." 

 Oh Ian Somerhalder. Always a great choice for a lot of book boyfriends. The author actually mentioned herself that she pictured him playing Darrak. I have to agree :-)


  1. ".....let's not end this with an insult." He's funny ".....granny pannies" *LOL* Ian is sooooo freakin cute. LOVE HIM! I've sooo reading this series next. THANKS for the introduction. Darrak, Darrak, Darrak! I think I love him already! Very nice pick for a book boyfriend.

  2. That's some great dialogue! And yummy Ian Somerhalder is perfect for the job...

  3. That is one hawt man. I'm always iffy on the demon based novels, but yeah, that's some fun scenage right there.

  4. This sounds right up my alley! Love Ian Somerhalder! Those quotes are amazing...nice mix of funny and sweet. Definitely will check this out!


  5. Darrak seems to have the same kind of snark and cockiness that Ian portrays as Daemon, so great choice. I'm loving those quotes. Any guy with a wicked sense of humor is pretty tempting. :)

  6. Great quotes Jennifer!! :) :) I like this guy ;)

  7. He's so awesome! Funny, snarky, full of innuendos. Sounds like my kinda man. And I totally pictured Ian saying those things. Amazing choice. Well done! Adding to TBR :)


  8. I don't even know this series, but even I agree with Damon playing him. He has the look and he seems to have the same sense of humor. These books sound sexy :).

  9. The first book of the series is officially on my wish list. Also after I publish this comment I am going to become a sheep and follow you. Of the Serta mattress variety.

  10. Lovelovelove Ian <3 I can't help but think of him as Damon every time I see him though, and these -totally- seem like Damon things to say!

  11. Ian playing any charcter is worth reading about. And those scene! Darrak is going in my book boyfrind list right now XD

  12. He kinda looks like Rob Lowe, kind of.

  13. He so looks like Rob Lowe. I'm probably showing my age. But I don't think he has aged at all. Yummy.

    Amy @

  14. Ian is perhaps the most used BB ever, but no complaining there! Yummy, indeed!

  15. Okay...just from those quotes and people picturing Ian Somerhalder as him...then I gotta read this book! *adds to TBR list* I'm content now. =D

  16. Wow those pics immediately caught my eye lol! This is eye candy on steroids! :P


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