Friday, December 2, 2011

Follow My Book Blog Friday #1

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    I'm a new blogger and this is my first FF! Thank you for visiting and I will follow everyone back. I am in the process of moving which sucks horribly so I might not get a chance to follow everyone back until tomorrow or even Sunday but don't worry I will! :-) 
    Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don’t like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!
    My biggest pet peeve in books is the love at first sight, psycho insta~love syndrome and then the I can't eat, can't sleep, can't do my homework without just dreaming of you. I hate when a female character sees a boy and just instantly goes all CRAZY for him. I need build up and reasons why this boy is supposedly so fantastic. I also hate when the female just swoons all over the guy and lets him get away with everything. Boy treats female horrible, female just goes it's okay I forgive you. NOOO! Maybe that is why I am usually never a fan of the main love interest. I am usually into boy #2 but usually the girl always stays with her first love


      1. I'm not usually a fan of the main love interest either but going by your team buttons on your sidebar you're way more hardcore than I am. Am so glad to find another Gale lover though! I am not at all a fan of insta-love and it's a sure fire way to make me put a book down.

        Thanks for visiting. Am following you back.

      2. For me it depends on the guy as I usually love the main love interest but sometimes I go for the other boy (Wicked Lovely) I do love the lead up to the epic romance I find it really sweet.

      3. I dislike the whole 'instant love' thing. It isn't realistic. At least to me. And I know what you meaning concerning love interests. I always root for boy #2 even though it's clear the girl is going to stay with boy #1 - her first love. :)

      4. Oh..I'm also against the whole fall in love at first sight thing. Love just doesn't work that way.

      5. I don't really hate love at first sight but I think it's kind of annoying when the girl is swooning all over the guy. I think I live in a world where guys are running for the girls not the other way around.

        New Follower~
        Jay @ We Fancy Books

      6. That is my exact thought as well! Love at first sight is so overrated, and I'm always attracted to boy number 2 as well, haha!

        Natshane (New follower)


      7. Yup boy number 2 is always much nicer than the hero. Oooh I love your Team Jem button. You might check out my ode to Jem in my blog:

      8. I sometimes love insta-love but yes, I do prefer the characters do develop feelings for each other as the time they spend together.

        Thanks for stopping by! :)

      9. Lol I totally agree with you! I can't stand that insta-love stuff, or when the girl lets the guy het away with everything because she's just "so in love" it's just not realistic.

        And there have been a few cases where I like both of the guys in a love triangle but more often than not I like guy #2 better lol.

        Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following! I'm following
        you back now:D

        Have a great weekend!!


      10. I agree, things hapen really fast in some books that leave us a little off.
        Following back!
        Psique @ Book Travels

      11. I am finding that I am one of very few who doesn't mind love at first site. I suppose it's because I am impatient and hate waiting on the build up. LOL!

        New Follower!

        My Follow Friday.


      12. Another pet peeve I agree with. Why do authors do this it annoys the pants of me.

        Thanks for stopping by Claire's Book Corner. I hope you enjoyed your first FF. I must say I love your bats and fangs background too.

        New follower.

      13. thanks for stopping by, following back!

        i agree, i don't like it when they fall in love so fast and then are like that, in real life, it's not like that, why put it in a book. real life you struggle sometimes with love and relationships aren't all willy nilly, you have to work at them with some struggle and fights. great answer!

      14. Yeah, Insta-Love is usually a poor and lazy way to door romance.

        New follower!

      15. You are right, build up is important! I forgive this on some book in the PNR genre where the other person doesn't want love even if the other does. :)

        New Follower. Come see my Friday too! Also don't miss my "The Cowboy and The Vampire Weekend!" with 5 Star Review, Guest Blog, Co-author Interview and a Signed Book Giveaway!

      16. Good point! Definitely really annoying.

        Thanks for stopping by!

      17. Insta-love is bad but psycho insta-love is worse! New follower :)

      18. I totally hate it when the characters don't go to know each other!
        New Follower

      19. Oh yes, even more aggravating than the insta-love is the "you can act like a complete ass and I will forgive you because it's love". No. If he is a complete ass he must either apologise and rectify his behaviour or get lost!

        Mini-rant over....

        Shelagh (Following you back)
        The Word Fiend

      20. Oh, I hate that especially when the girl lets the guy walk all over her. Just because he's beautiful doesn't mean he can treat you like crap!

        Congrats on your first Follow Friday!! :) Check out my post if you have the time! And I'm a new follower!

        Rachel @ Paper Cuts

      21. I'm not a fan of insta-love either. It's rather annoying lol

        Congratz on your new KindleTouch!!! That's exciting, I was so above the moon when I got my nook (back when nook only had one version haha) I still love it and hope you love your ereader just as much!

        THanks for stopping by my blog :D I'm following you via RSS and Twitter :)
        PS I LOOOOVE your Waiting on Wednesday picture with the witch!! I have a love of witches haha :D
        April @ My Shelf Confessions

      22. I could get over the insta-love if the relationship was then built and developed after-the-fact. But that's never the case. Great post!

        New Follower!:)

        Follow Me Friday @ Radiant Shadows

      23. new follower :)

        I totally agree with your peeve! Instant-love bothers me a lot!

        Happy Friday and check out my Follow Friday!

      24. Welcome to the FF fun!

        Insta-love just infuriates me (as you could tell from my own post)!

        I agree, I usually end up liking boy #2 better than the supposed "soulmate".

        Thanks for stopping by!
        I'm a new follower :)

      25. ahhh since I read YA books, some female lead characters are usually too clingy with their love interests and I agree with you there with no sleep no eat thing, and it sucks heroines should be independent and strong. not pscho inlove with their bf. :)

        Welcome to the blogging community. Hope you enjoy it here. Thanks for dropping by my page, followed you back.


      26. I absolutely hate when the female forgives the male so easily! But if it's the second guy who really loves her, she can't even give him two seconds of her time, when he's the one that's comforting her. D<


      27. Hello and welcome to the blogging world!

        Congrats on your first Follow Friday! Insta-love seems to be a common peeve! I see the argument, but sometimes I don't mind it... like if I'm in the mood for that "love at first sight" type story. It's rare that I am, but it's just me reaching out to my inner chicky:P

        Following back:)

        jenn | my follow friday

      28. I'm with you! I hate insta-love and sadly it's MUCH too common now!

        Xpresso Reads

      29. Thanks for the follow! Following back, I enjoy your blog.

        -Amanda P
        Paranormal Romance
        Books, Shopping & Rock N' Roll

      30. Thanks for stopping by and following! I'm a new follower here too!

      31. Thanks so much everyone for stopping by and following me back!


      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! I read and love every single comment!