Sunday, November 20, 2011

(Faeriewalker #3) 
by Jenna Black

Published July 5th 2011
336 Pages

When Dana is invited to Faerie to be officially presented at the Seelie Court, it’s no easy decision. After all, everyone knows Titania, the Seelie Queen, wants her dead. But Titania claims not to be the one behind the death threats; and her son, Prince Henry, makes the decision a whole lot easier when he suggests Dana might be arrested for (supposedly) conspiring with her aunt Grace to usurp the Seelie throne. So she and her father better do as they're told… The journey through Faerie is long – and treacherous. Dana thought it would be a good idea to have friends along, but her sort-of-boyfriend, Ethan, and her bodyguard’s son, Keane, just can’t seem to get along, and Kimber’s crush on Keane isn’t making things any easier. When a violent attack separates Dana from their caravan, the sexy Erlking saves her just in the nick of time… and makes it clear that he hasn’t given up on making her his own. Arriving at Titania’s beautiful palace should be a relief. But Dana is soon implicated in an assassination attempt against Titania’s granddaughter, and is suddenly a fugitive, forced to leave her father behind as she and her friends flee for their lives. Will she be able to prove her innocence before the forces of the Seelie Court – or, worse, the Erlking – catch up with her? And will she save her father before he pays the ultimate price in her stead?

Why I Picked This Up: I immediately started this the same night I finished Shadowspell!

Why You Should Read This: Great series! Buy all three books at once!

Dana has been invited by the Seelie Queen to be officially presented at the palace in Faerie. This is a great honor that can not be refused even though it seems like a dangerous trick. Dana along with her father, Finn, Keane, Ethan, and Kimber begin their travels to the Seelie palace. Tensions run high between Keane and Ethan along the way. Some of my favorite parts of this book include Keane picking on Ethan and Ethan bringing down Keane's shields allowing Dana to knee him in the groin during practice. Absolutely hilarious and entertaining to me but the travels are an agonizing ride on horse back for Dana.

Along their travels they are attacked and Dana's horse takes off with her. She learns more about what her dangerous magic can do just when she needs it. The Erlking is still around protecting his deal and what he hopes Dana will one day give him. Once they have finally arrived at the palace they think they get to relax and enjoy themselves. But a set up against Dana leads the group to flee leaving behind her father and Finn. Dana and her gang take off for safety but lots of fighting jealousy and new feelings makes the trip difficult. Dana wants to clear her name and make sure her family and friends are safe. She puts in some bravery, luck, and brains into a plan to clear her name and stop the faeriewalker hunt on her forever.

A great conclusion to a wonderful trilogy. I don't think the author plans on any more books but I would love it if she did. This was an amazing ride with such wonderful characters. I grew to love Dana and Keane so much during this story. A wonderfully unique faerie series. Such great humor and action throughout.

"Far be it from me to insult your manhood," Ethan said. "I'm sure you'd have no trouble whatsoever defending against my magic." Keane sneered. "Just like you'd have no trouble whatsoever defending yourself in a fair fight. Right?"

Rating: 4/5 faeries!



  1. I have books 1 & 2 I must read them. I think I will buy 3 first ツ

  2. Definitely might as well buy number 3! I read them all in a row pretty quickly. I read Glimmerglass then a couple weeks later read Shadowspell then Sirensong the very next day. I loved Keane! It was a great series. Very sad it's over.


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