Sunday, November 27, 2011

My kindle touch arrived Wednesday!
I was so excited that I went to check my mail a little after 3pm since my mailman usually comes around then and thank goodness I checked because my kindle was stuck in my tiny little mail box. I had to ask the mailman who was luckily still there to open the mailbox up bigger and get it out. Then I spent a half hour talking to him about the kindle and what he is currently reading. He wants to buy one now. 

As I open the beauty!

It did take a little time to download all my books onto it. I already had about 50.

Took me awhile to figure out all places to touch for it to do what I want but I love it! 
No more retina burn! LOL

I still need to get a case. The one I wanted was delayed. So for now it is in a padded envelope. Now I just need to make a goal to try to read all my un-read kindle books. I have several that I put off waiting for this. 


  1. Yay Kindle!! I have the 3rd gen w/ keyboard and love it. I'm contemplating passing it on to my son and buying myself a touch :D

  2. Ooohh how awesome! We have the Kobo here in Canada and it works similar to the Amazon Kindle. I want to wait until it turns into a touch screen lol

  3. @Christy(Love of Books) I wanted the keyboard one forever! Then when I heard about this one I waited. I take a lot of notes on it so I thought I might like the keyboard but the touch works great. So easy to highlight, look up words, flick through pages.

    @Giselle San Miguel I love the touch screen. I bought a protective screen to stick on it because I do leave a ton of finger prints but it makes highlighting and clicking for definition super easy! I love it!

  4. Hi, new follower ツ
    I am getting the Kindle Fire soon. So excited!
    I got New Girl too. It looks great.
    I have to convert my epubs into mobis though :p
    Fire only has 6GB space and 5GB Cloud free forAmazon's only content. I will be more careful when buying apps and books than I am now. Silly of Amazon's because more space means more buying.
    You can buy 20GB cloudfor 20 a year. Kinks to be worked out.
    I may do Amazon's prime for the Ovid's and TV shows,etc. What do u think?
    Have a gr8 oneツ

  5. @Books And Beyond I am having a similar problem. I put my PDFs onto my kindle but they read horribly. I need to figure out a way to convert them to mobi but I'm still working on it. I thought about the Amazon Prime but that was when I thought I got unlimited kindle books from their lending library but you only get to borrow one a month. Not worth the $80 a year to me but maybe over time they will improve it.

  6. omg! congrats! i have a nook and I am absolutely in love with it. I'm sure you'll find yourself loving your kindle too :D

    ps"No more retina burn! LOL".... haaaaaaaa! :)

  7. @The Lovely Getaway I seriously used to feel like my eyes were burning out of my sockets when I would read for hours on my computer! I am loving the kindle! It is so light and easy to hold. I feel like I read a lot faster and more comfortably on it. I held back because I love the smell and feel of books but now I love holding the light kindle!

  8. @Mrs Q Book Addict Thanks! I love it too! I can read several books in a row without ever needing to even charge it!


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